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The Great Driver Debate


Well-Known Member
Aug 30, 2004
I was at a local golf shop today. I went in looking for a ball retriever. While I was there, I asked one of the workers if they had in the Callaway Fusion FT-3 to hit. They said they didn't - not for a couple of weeks yet. He then asked me why I was interested in that club. I have been thinking about a new driver and I've typically been happy with Callaway equipment so it seemed a good club to try. He recommended the Ping G2 instead of the FT-3. So I tried the demo model he had in stock. I have never been fond of the oversized heads (360cc +) so I didn't expect much testing it. I was surprised at how well I hit the ball with it. He asked me what I currently have and I told him I am still playing my Steelhead III driver. He said that was like playing with an antique - I'm sacrificing distance using the steel driver instead of the titanium driver. He also liked the Cleveland Launcher 460. He siad he thought the TaylorMade R7 was overpriced. He didn't any of the Callaway drivers (BB454, ERC Fusion or the FT-3).

It did get me thinking about adding some distance to my driver (I can hit my Steelhead III about 275). I also feel that with some time, I could learn to hit the oversized driver. So time to do some research on the top drivers.

I have noted his suggestions. I am more curious on what many of you think about the following drivers:

Callaway ERC Fusion
Callaway Big Bertha 454
Taylor Made R7
Cleveland Launcher 460
Ping G2

Any thoughts or reviews you may have on the drivers listed above may help me to narrow down my choices. I also plan to hit each of these clubs before buying one.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


Shark skin shoes
Staff member
Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada
The ERC Fusion (the original) is a good driver, but the sound off the face is brutal. It's pretty forgiving and gives better than average distance.

The BB454 is the new long drive big boy out there. Alot of people are switching up to that as it's basically grip it and rip it. I can't say it's for me (a little large, but forgiveness is nice to have), but if you're looking for 16 of 18 fairways every round, get one.

The R7 is a great club with a wonky idea. Personally, the way that Callaway is going with the "Draw/Neutral/Fade - your choice" in the FT-3, that's the way to go. I mean honestly, how often are you going to change your heads setup after you've found the setup that gives you the groove? The R7 feels good, looks good, but I personally think the tool kits and weights are sorta gimmicky.

The Cleveland Launcher is exactly that - a Launcher. Match that baby up with an Adila NV shaft and take that ball downtown all day. It's truely "can't miss". Cleveland has a winner here and pretty soon everyone is going to find out.

The Ping G2 is a decent club. I found it wasn't as long as my GBBII, but it felt nice off the face. Alot of guys rave about how forgiving it is, but I doubt they've hit either the BB454 or the Cleveland 460. The G2 also has a strange sound off the face, but I guess you could get used to it.

But, as everything is in golf, the driver is such a personal thing. I saw Hank Khuene hit that 380 bomb on Sunday with the FT-3 and it had me salivating for one. But, until i've had some range time with it, it remains on the "to hit list".

Not sure if any of this helps, it's just my two cents.



I don't have a handicap.
Dec 5, 2004
Launcher 460 = good

But...like any driver, a poor swing = poor results (I'm living proof)

Love the club though, I hit a few of the others and couldn't really grow to love any of them, including the R7 and G2 particularly. My buddy hits the G2 and, while he hits it great, I don't really love it. The R7 feels weird to me (probably just me).


Supporting Member
Apr 16, 2005
FYI - the R7 is not really oversized by today's standards at 400cc


i have the ping G2, jus purchased it bout 3 months ago. its a very good club. i am a 21 hanicapper and have the 10* standard model... i would recommend that really. it goes straight and trues almost all the time (unless i make a mistake!), and a fair distance also, bout 350 yards i think, and im no big hitter!
i have used a taylormade R7, that was nice, but costs a bomb, so i rekon the ease of use that the ping offers, at a reasonable price, would sway the ballance for me if i were to get anther driver...


Well-Known Member
Jul 14, 2005
I have a friend who is a General Manager at Golf Town a big Golf store in Canada. I went in for a driver, keep in mind that I'm a beginner. I was expecting to pay a mint. He taped up a few drivers in the store and then I hit a couple of balls. He told me to pick the one I felt comfotable with. I ended up hitting the best with a pretty much a no name brand. However, I hit long and straight each time. So my advise to you would be the same as my buddies to me. Tape them up and pick the one that feels right to you. Your swing should be effortless. Hope that helps.
By the way my driver is a 8* Aztec (I never heard of it) I hit over 300 constitantly.


Well-Known Member
Jun 12, 2005
To chime in on the R7, it is by far the best driver I have ever played. It is pricy, but honestly, it is the best (to me). I have never been a big Callaway fan, but the FT3 does intrigue me. I guess you have to hit them all and decide for yourself, but anyone that says the R7 is junk, is definately lying.......


bring da lulz
Jun 4, 2005
i personally dont like any taylormade drivers. Too dead of feeling. but they make good stuff, just not my cup of tea.
The callaway bb454 is an absolute rocket. Its pretty forgiving and has a lot of carry with the prolaunch shaft. if i wasnt so in love with my 983k, I would be playing this driver. i haven't hit the ft-3. but my friend has and he really likes it. cant comment on it for myself though.
The ping g2 is good but not quite as good as the bb454. not quite as long for me but still really forgiving.
Ive heard good things about the launcher but have never hit it.
i think your best bet is the 454, its long and forgiving.


Well-Known Member
Jan 4, 2005
I own the Launcher and the Ping G2, among many others. I think the G2 is way overrated, and i couldnt even justify the measly 180 bucks i paid for it. I would recommend taking a look at the Mizuno MP-001, as it is not too large and a very good club. Also, take a look at the Nakashima 380 and 420 drivers, very very good clubs. Other than that, just hit everything you can get your hands on and make the decision yourself


Well-Known Member
Apr 10, 2005
The shaft is really more important with your driver or any club for that matter....all the heads out there today are good...obviously the way it looks is important for a golfer but ultimately the shaft will have more impact on ball flight/distance than the head.

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