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The mystery of the X-flex...


gear head
Aug 10, 2006
Canada Canada

I thought you were sold on regular flex?


I love the feel of the regs, I just cant keep my move at the top smooth enough to have enough consistency using them. I am really starting to find I play my best when I am my most aggressive. Both from a playing standpoint and a swinging one. When I play this way short, heavy, and stiff give the best results. I am very quick at the top and really release the club hard. For the last few years I had been trying to fix that and have begun to realize that it doesnt need to be fixed. I swing hard and fast. Its natural to me, I will no longer fight anything that is natural to me, regardless of how far from textbook my swing is. It is what it is, and it works. I am done with tinkering with my swing, and working on it.
Does this mean everyone should use X flex? Not a chance. If you dont have a hard move at the top, and I mean hard, coupled with a late release then they will not work. Most people are still better off with R flex shafts.


Well-Known Member
Mar 20, 2005

We are golfers, therefore we are mildly insane. I went regular recently and had a spell after some dodgy readings and advice from a pro. Yet looking back I was bewitched, you want the next thing to work so badly you can fall for anything. Sadly I couldn't hit a barn door from 10 yards so the search continued. I am now in XXX. Its just golf, it has to be dome, its part of life. I suspect myself and Lyle may well be related in some way

edit, yes, me to, I need a lot of lag and an aggressive move down


Well-Known Member
Jan 10, 2007
I actually feel the opposite. I haven't gotten my swing checked in a few years, but I'd guess my driver ss is about 107 or so. I have an X in my driver right now but that's only cause I have a Cobra L4V and I think the heavy head weight softens it up quite a bit. I had a set of 33's with X100's last year, and have gone back to S300's in my 32's this year. I have a pretty aggressive move from the top and I'm pretty sure I would be fitted into an X but I just feel better with stiff. Maybe it's just mental, with an X I feel like I have to make a hard move at the ball. I did like the X better in my short irons though. I felt like I was a lot more accurate with them. I actually wanna try some stuff shafts hardstepped. Maybe one of these days I'll actually get fitted.

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