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The unfinished round.

The master

Oct 24, 2004
. Ok went out to play this morning in possibly the worst conditions I have ever played in.

So I wake up at 9.30 am get breakfast, shower the usual stuff check out shottalk.

So 10.50 sharp I go to the course, go to get into the car it is so windy the door nearly chops my leg off. So get there it is about 5* with a wind chill.

There was just two of us today because no one could be assed getting out of their pit. So get my card out of the pro shop and go to the first tee.

Not hitting a ball in just over a week I stand up and make one practice swing and then I’m ready so

1st hole- I hit my tee shot a block it out right into thick sort of rough where it was really soft. Keeping in mind the course was nearly flooded I don't know how it was open. So I find my ball plugged about 4 inches in Australia, so it is preferred lies here in winter which allows you to put a tee in the ground and move it 6 inches so took my perferdo and had a pitching wedge left in down wind, so I hit it 15 feet right of the flag with a bit of suckage , get up read the putt and bang bang centre cup it. Oh yeah what a start, with the 2nd par5 coming up I felt good. Keeping in mind I shot 81 last week.

2nd so I’m -1 under thinking on the tee this is a given birdie for me downwind so I hit a drive and little to my surprise it was Smokey joed down the pipe. Anyway get up get a yardage have176 yards so take out a 6 iron and say I need to commit to the shot to make sure I get up so I hit it and don’t make perfect contact hitting it a little heavy coming up 10 yards short not a certain birdie any more I then hit my pitch to 10 feet not the greatest off efforts and I 2 putt for par it felt like a drop shot trust me.

3rd hole a shortish par 4 but playing relatively long into the wind so I hit my dead left about 40 yards off target so I shot FORE LEFT, barely missing a couple of old dudes the drive actually went quite far because it was kind off a low pull so I only had a 9 iron in form the other fairway with 4 spectators I hit this towering shot 10 feet behind the flag it was a great looking shot 2 putted for par.

4th hole a long gruelling par 4 up hole in the winter by this time the rain had came on super heavy so we sheltered for 5 minutes until it calmed down slightly so I hit the best drive of the day so far up the middle close to the 300 yard marker I have a 9 iron left in and played a wee punch no higher than 20 feet of the ground to 10 feet and rolled it in on a index 2, too go 2 below. I’m get that orgasmic felling you know what I’m talking about bravo.

5th hole a sharp dog leg right that you can take it over with a good drive so I go for it as I’m nailing the big dawg so I hit it and poo my pants I think it might be OB as to the right of the hole is the 15th fairway which is out of bounds. I get down there to my surprise it is in bounds by a matter of feet so I hit a 8 iron two the back of the green 20 feet 5/5 G.I.R not bad considering the wind. I make a silly 3 putt to drop back to -1.

6th hole a par 4 370 yards straight into the wind so they have a winter tee on this hole which is way harder but I don’t let that bother me I stand up and rip one 26o yard on the left side. I hit a PW into 10 feet and two putt for par.

7th hole a 180 yard par 3 into a cross wind so I hit a 5 iron to make sure of it you are better big than short on this hole so I hit it and bunker it right and it was only 10 feet of line as the pin was tugged on the right side. I left myself a tough bunker shot but hit it good to 5 feet and drained the put.

8th hole a 409 yarder into the wind. I hit a pretty poor dive a bit of the bottom of the face and it maybe only went 230 yards, so I hit a ¾ 4 iron punched in and block it out right but not in any real trouble so I hit my flop to about 15 feet and 2 putted for bogey. Back to even.

9th hole a tough well bunkered par 4 400 yards odd I hit a good drive and a 8 iron onto the two tiered green and two putt for par. Then have someone in golf committee come over to tell me the competition has been cancelled because lack of people playing and they where going to close the course so I was angry and had to go in I had 20 of the greatest putts I have ever had. And don’t get a single thing.

Sorry to boar you. And I did this in Microsoft word so there should be less spelling mistakes than usual.

The master ~~

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