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things coming together nicely


Beware of the Phog!
Aug 26, 2004
well my feet are soaking right now, i played all day and thanks to slow golfers i only managed 27 holes between 11 am and 5 pm

the first 18 was terrible, i had no consistency from hole to hole and was having trouble with my woods which i kind of expected seeing as i just had two of them reshafted and hadn't hit my 5 wood ever, but my short game was good and i putted well, half the round i fiddled with shifting my hips toward the target on the downswing and it worked to some effect with the irons, but wrecked my woods even worse and floundered to an 82

i was really tired after the 18 but took a 15 min rest then headed back out, i was the last one out for the day and had the whole course to myself. i took my time and committed to each shot, i fixed my alignment problem, then i fiddled with my backswing, which was really way inside but i started taking it straighter back and the results were amazing, all the clubs responded with great shots, the woods were longer and straighter than anything i've ever hit, and i had three approach shots inside 7ft on three different holes from 100 yards to 170 yards, which made putting a breeze, in the pitch black last hole which is a cliff tee shot par 3 i thought i aced, but had just gone over the flag 4 ft away, i tapped it in for a -2

i really need to work on the backswing now and convert, this wil make me so much better

V-steel 5 wood is amazing... i only hit it three times and every time it was just straight high and long, was definitely worth buying, so was the shaft change in the 3 wood and driver

do you guys have any tips to keep from getting rusty during the winter months?

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