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This and that.....


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Aug 26, 2004
On the GR hot issue of flame wars, deletions and so forth....I saw this and I had to comment, but I'll doi it here...

The Homestead post came down when Roscoe got banned. All his posts were deleted.

And so it was that shot talk was born.

I don't want to tell dorkman how to run his site but he has got to rethink the hard deletion thing....bad idea.

Here, if it were ever to become necessary, posts are to be locked and left on display for all to see...I am a firm believer in letting offenders twist in the breeze. I have been administrating / moderating forums for nearly 6 years and have deleted only 3 posts (threads) and in each case it was done to save the poster from himself.

I like Dorkman, he strikes me as a classy guy with more than a little experience under his belt...I wish he'd start tossing us some posts over here but he has to calm down. ;)

(just had to get that off my chest)


The golfer fka ST Champ
Aug 31, 2004
To be honest, (profanity aside) some of the flame war threads at GR have been the most entertaining and funny reading I've seen in a while.

It's not funny when people are personally attacked or threatened, but when done with wit and humor I think it's pretty harmless.

Come on, who didn't laugh at the "effen women at work" thread.

It's good to know we can have enough rope to hang ourselves here. :thumbup:


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Aug 27, 2004
I am being honest here with both of you....

1) I agree about the loss of the Homestead photos/thread. It was creative photojournalism and I loved it.....I dont blame Roscoe for being hurt by losing that work.

2) Yes - GR's hard edge is fun....It is entertaining and the faint of heart don't live comfortably there. And DaveE - I loved the Effen Women at Work as much as you did....This is why having OT threads is so important bc - all golf sites are populated by testosterone driven males who want/Need to talk about subjects other than the Worlds Greatest Game.....

Sling - you are doing a great job. You are Thinking about building a great site...and the creativity is shinging through...


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Aug 26, 2004
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My pet peeve is hard deletions on internet forums without comment.

Many times the offender has an idea why it happened but no one else does which could lead to a repeat preformance.

I am saying that there will be much more latitude here than some other places.

when I say "nasty business" I mean treatening or demeaning behavior. I have run across clowns on forums that just beg to be pistol whipped, abused and embarrased the banned. I haven't seen any of them on any golf forums though. :)

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