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This makes me wanna puke.


token_mommy... oops!
Jan 12, 2006
I know of no one that doesn't tip because they can't afford it.


Smileyrose said:

Heck, as a newly finished student I can't afford to tip anyone!

Which reminds me, the other day I paid a waitress after treating my children to some cakes at a cafe. She seemed to take ages bringing back the change, so I had to ask for my change when I saw her but she didn't seem too happy that i had asked for it and she reluctantly gave this to me! The change came to just over £2 whereby I put the money to treating my children to sweets afterwards! *tuts* Anyone would think I was made of money or something!

Maybe it was because she was Polish, she didn't understand the language well and she didn't realize that one should return the change unless one is told to keep it as a tip!

Smileyrose said:
A tip should be left up to one's discretion. If one feels that they can afford to leave a reasonable tip for the service they've been given, then that should be left entirely up to each individual concerned.

However, one should never expect a tip and people should be grateful if they get one, no matter how much it is!

Smileyrose said:
Thanks and I have been known to tip before, but very rarely and the service would have to be very good for me to even consider tipping someone!

Smileyrose said:
So going back to tipping...just because someone may appear to look well off sometimes, it doesn't necessary mean that they are...so please don't expect me to tip you!

I think that's what people are referring to... (not to throw her under the bus or anything) :D


Well-Known Member
Aug 17, 2006
Are You Lot Making Fun Of Me?

Are you lot making fun of me? I can't help being me! :(

Ok you don't have to reply to that question if you don't want to! :)


Well-Known Member
Sep 6, 2006
If they depend on that tip to pay their bills, then they bloody well better do their jobs.

I can't speak for dicks that don't ever tip, and I'm sure there are a few. But for the VAST majority of the public, going out to eat is a SERVICE, in which you expect a certain level of attention. I mean, if everyone ate at home, how much money would those people expecting tips make?

Tips are based solely on the level of service that's provided. If it's poor, you get a poor tip. if it's outstanding, you get a great tip.

Openly stating that people can't afford to tip is prepostourous. Tipping is assumed when you go out - but - it is tied directly to the level of service that you get. I know of no one that doesn't tip because they can't afford it.



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