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Tiger's Balls

Mister Bater

Well-Known Member
Jan 13, 2005
April 15 (Bloomberg) -- Al Cheek, the fan who caught Tiger
Woods's Masters Tournament-winning ball, said the possibility of a
$100,000 auction price hasn't lured him into selling it.
Instead, he offered to give it back to Woods for free. And if
the world's No. 1 golfer doesn't want it, Cheek said he'll give it
to his son.
``I told my wife I'd hate to go back on that,'' he said in a
telephone interview.
Cheek caught the ball at Augusta National Golf Club in
Georgia on April 10 after Woods's caddie, Steve Williams, tossed
it into the gallery following the golfer's playoff victory over
Chris DiMarco.
Since then, the 40-year-old GMAC insurance executive from
Winston-Salem, North Carolina, has spoken with memorabilia
companies. Representatives from Heritage Sports Collectibles from
Dallas told him that it might fetch as much as $100,000.
``It's like a unicorn,'' Chris Ivy, director of auctions for
the company, said in an interview. ``Tiger Woods has such great
appeal and a broad fan base that when material like this is
available for public auction, it's few and far between.''
He said the ball would likely fetch a price in the ``high-
five figures,'' but $100,000 or more isn't ``out of the realm of
Show and Tell
Cheek said he brought the Nike Inc. ball, which is stamped
TIGER on one side, with him to work to show colleagues. It's now
sitting in a plastic penholder on his wife's cluttered home office
desk, Cheek said.
``Eventually, I think I'll end up getting it framed,'' he
said. ``It's a pretty special memory from that day. And it sure
makes for a good conversation piece.''
Cheek, who has a 4-year-old son and 7-month-old daughter,
said he sent an e-mail to Woods through the golfer's Web site,
offering to return the ball. He hasn't heard back yet.
Woods's agent, Mark Steinberg wasn't immediately available
for comment. Chris Mike, Nike Golf's marketing director, didn't
return a call seeking comment.
Until he hears from Woods or somebody ``crazy enough'' to
make him an offer that's ``worth considering,'' Cheek said he'd
keep the ball.
``For $15,000, I wouldn't sell, but six figures is good
money,'' he said. ``That would buy a lot of diapers. But I can't
believe somebody would pay that kind of money for it.''

I like this story it made me smile and i hope you like it too!

Mister Bater


Rules Nerd
Supporting Member
Mar 9, 2005
You've got to sell that ball. Let rich guys sit around and talk about the ball and it's significance. You take the money.

If someone in the future doesn't believe you caught it, just show them the bank transfer. Or the Porshe. Or the down payment on the new house.

Which is better, having a ball sitting around that you caught at the end of the Masters, or $15000? How about 100K? You will always have the memory of catching that ball. No one can take that away from you. Maybe he even has the video. Take the money before it decreases in value.

Buy a lot of diapers my ass. He was going to buy the diapers anyway. Take the cash.
Mister Bater

Mister Bater

Well-Known Member
Jan 13, 2005
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Agreed, take the money and run. take as many photos as you like, get on tv, newspaper clippings...

then sell it.


Used club guru
Mar 29, 2005
That is like having the winning lottery ticket and saying, if I cash it in I won't have the winning ticket any more.

Show me the money, if I only got $500 for it I still get to take a good golf weekend trip!

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