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Titleist 909 D3 Demo


Taylormade Ho' Magnet
May 29, 2008
Tonight I was out wanting to "ho", and didn't find anything I wanted really..

But I was bored and slinging clubs around in the simulators tonight at the PGA store.

They had a ton of 909's.. No Comps, but just D3 and D2's.

I hit both, but couldn't tell a difference, and assumed it might have been the shaft, but I hit the D2 a good bit higher than than the D3.

D3 was the money driver though. Exactly what I want in a shot.

I tried the Voodoo, Stiff-65gram I think it was, and I tried the Diamana Blue, and got a special treat and tried a Diamana Whiteboard in it as well.

The Voodoo was okay. Felt... boardy. I don't know, I just didn't like it very much. Didn't feel like I got the feed back I wanted. Nice and light shaft though. Decent launch, but had my launch angle too high with the D2, the D3 lowered it a tad, but still launched higher than I liked.

The Blueboard.. was eh. Kinda noodlish compared to the Voodoo. I couldn't feel the head when I swung it.

The whiteboard and a D3 is something I would buy, if I could afford it!!

Ended cranking several great balls.. No noticeable distance increase, but it was a simulator, so who knows if that craps even accurate. The launch angle, and the spin was the best part. I felt like I had complete control of the club. Head sat square, to a tad open. Super light head, set up a tad funny looking to me, but I'm not used to Titleist drivers, so it was a tad strange. My swing speed cranked up too. I'm assuming the lighter head and shaft combo allowed me to really get to it.

9.5* I was hitting it too low though, so I tried the 10.5* and it was nice, low/mid shot.

Did hook a few though, but most of the shots were baby fades, or straight.

Anyone else try any of the new line? They are sharp looking sticks. If I wants such a TM fan, and had a great bag, I'd toss some AP1's and the D3 in the bag quick!

Oh, and I hit the Cobra LV5. That thing sucks. The Diamana Blue in that driver is terrible for me I think. The head feels strange.. And.. loud?! Holy jesus, and it's ugly.

The S57 Ping irons are... very nice.. for Ping. :):idhitit:

Hate the alignment arrow for some reason.

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