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Titleist Commercial ST style


Beware of the Phog!
Aug 26, 2004
well, if they can do it, why can't we, wondering what everyone does for their preshot routine we'll say when you're teeing one up with the driver or whatever you use to tee off

i finally came up with one i liked today and will stick with it to the end

1) tee the ball up, wherever looks good, or offers a better angle to the fairway
2) grip the club, left thumb at 1 o clock right thumb at 12 o clock, (thanks guys from my grip thread)
3) line up my target with the ball using the shaft and pick out a spot several feet from the ball in line with the target
4) walk over to address the ball, but pause to confirm that i'm parallel to my target line
5) address the ball (been hitting off the toe lately so i line up off the heel) make sure everything is square and feels good
6) set hands ahead of the ball
7) happy thoughts and rip away


Supporting Member
Apr 16, 2005
1. Put on blindfold
2. I am the ball
3. Hit it into the lumberyard

Actually I only ever take a practice swing on the tee box and only with the driver, very rarely irons on par 3's or from the fairway. I guess that's kinda odd about my pre-shot routine. I also adapted the Mike Weir waggle that I'd like to get rid of if possible.

Other than that I always aim a little right of target Trevino style and hope I don't hit a big pull hook or block it out there to the right LOL.


Well-Known Member
May 2, 2005
I always tee the ball put dirver, 3 wood next to it to check hight of tee. Step back take my grip look at my target. Address the ball check for alinment and grip and rip it down the middle. LOL LOL LOL. ok sometimes


In the Lumbar Yard
Jul 3, 2005
One thing I've tried to add, is a little advice from the "Little Red Book".

"Take dead aim!" (page 45)

Thanks Harvey!


Well-Known Member
Jul 6, 2005
One thing I started doing that has really helped is I find something in the box, a divot or a tee someone has left, and tee up a ball behind it a few inches. I stand behind the ball and use the driver shaft to line up the ball and my target and check to see if the shaft is in line with the mark or to the left or right. Then I know pretty accurately how to linue up the face of the club with the mark when I address the ball.


Shark skin shoes
Staff member
Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada
Address the ball.

Knock it off with the driver. Use the "Shooting two" joke.

Practice swing. Hear that crack in your shoulders. "I should get out to the range more".

Check the fairway. Oh, they're 180 off the tee. Time to make fun of the other guy's putt on the last green. "Hey dude, maybe no head cover next time?"

They're 300 out. I can't hit it that far.

Knock the ball off the tee. "Shooting two".

Grip that driver like you're saving Private Ryan.

Aim dead right for the 10 yard draw.

Smoke it 40 yards right into the trees.

Get another ball from the bag.



Used club guru
Mar 29, 2005

Nothing like tarzan golf... going from tree to tree.
Most of mine is in the set up, if my hands are not comfortable I will pull back and start over, it doesn't happen often but drives the guys nuts when I do it. The rest is getting balanced then check my alignment one last time and let it rip... then I turn to the guys and say, did you see where it went?

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