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TODAY Show: Greg Norman's 'Harrowing Struggle' With COVID-19

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Apr 8, 2012
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Golf icon Greg Norman is recovering after a harrowing struggle with COVID-19 that saw him hospitalized twice over the past week. @gabegutierrez reports. pic.twitter.com/4SIdIsWzoE

— TODAY (@TODAYshow) December 29, 2020

AUSTRALIAN GOLF LEGEND GREG NORMAN is a very fit man for 65. Nonetheless, the Shark was laid low by COVID-19 as he details in the above interview with the TODAY Show. Norman said he wouldn't wish his experience on anyone.

Another reminder to be careful as we await the vaccine.

P.S. A commenter at Geoff Shackelford's site said, "I’m 55, in very good shape, have great access to healthcare, have been extremely vigilant with all protocols and it's been 17 days since I tested positive for COVID 19. My symptoms are worse than ever."

(H/T Geoff Shackelford)

Source: TODAY Show: Greg Norman's 'Harrowing Struggle' With COVID-19

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