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"Tournament Ball" experiment begins in Ohio


Active Member
Jan 24, 2010
Horrible idea and here is why...

No one likes watching "ABC" courses in tournaments in which the layout of the hole or entire course means every single player hits their drive to the exact same spot, then the next ball to the exact same spot of each other again. Instead of watching what people are going to do, we are just watching everyone do the exact same thing ad the only variations throughout the tournament would be when a person just misses their spot.

What is more fun to watch is when John daly tries and drive the green on a short par 4 while his playing partner who cant hit as far takes a completely different shot. Now john may miss and hit a bunker or possible come up short and maybe land in a water hazard while his partner is 40 yards away taking a completely different shot.

Now image everyone hitting the ball the exact same distance (within 10 yards of each other) wont be fun to watch. It would turn into the equivalent o watching a par 3 tournament, no variations...


Littleton, Colorado
Sep 5, 2006
Ancient history.... they changed the grooves, now we wait and see the results. Seems to be working so far...

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