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Two best shots of my life


Well-Known Member
Jun 23, 2009
The two best shots of my life came on consecutive holes, causing my playing partner to almost quit the game itself.

Uphill short par 4, hit 4I off the tee, leaving a 9I into the green. I hit my 9 iron and it is heading right....lands on cart path and bounces...I figure the ball is gone....

Partner finds it on a bridge in between two lakes, sitting on the top of a fluffy bush on the bridge. No idea how the ball did not go through the bush, but it is sitting on top of it, maybe a few inches in it. I am about 25 yards from the green...and instead of dropping somewhere...I decide to take a 6 Iron out. The ball is chest high, so I have to swing the 6 like a baseball bat. I hit it perfect, but the ball about 25-30 feet from the hole on the green. Partner is going crazy...and then I make the long putt to save par.

VERY next hole, another par 4. I hit an uphill 2nd shot from about 135-140 with a PW...I know its looking good, and I see it land pretty close to the hole. I didn't watch long enough, and the darn thing went in the cup for eagle.

Bad news is, I had some awful luck with a lady friend the day after...I knew something like that was coming after what happened on the course!!!


Mental Ward Escapee
Supporting Member
Oct 18, 2006
I forgot!
United States United States
Congrats on the "interesting" shots!! That's what keeps us coming back to play this often frustrating game.
As for the problem with the lady friend... I get dozens of e-mails suggesting all kinds of magic to enhance your "relations" with the women in your life. If you like, I'll begin forwarding those to you... before I delete them... and you can surely find something that will fix the problem!:emot-angel::emot-angel:

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