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Two good wedge prices which one?


New Member
Sep 23, 2008
So my local pro shop Bobick's golf has a great deal on some good wedges. 69.99 for Wilson Tw9 milled wedges and 69.99 for Nike SV tour wedges. Any personal experiences? just looking for something to hold the greens not spin it back like the pros. And around the greens something that will put some good spin on chips. Any help will be appreciated.



Beware of the Phog!
Aug 26, 2004
its really tough to tell how much one would spin. Its really a dependant on your attack angle, as well as what ball you're using, and the length of the grass you're hitting out of.

Having said that, I always liked the Nike's pretty well. Nice Satin finish to them. but I have no course experience with them to tell you how much they spin or not.

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