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two planers----post your swing keys


Well-Known Member
Jan 30, 2007
5 days ago I had an awful range session. Then I skimmed Jim Hardy's book again. Range session yesterday was awesome. Clean crisp shots. Got my distance back. 150 yard 8 irons. High penetrating shot with a tad of a draw.

My keys:

Set up

Tall narrow stance
Head is an extension of the spine.
Weight is supported by quads holding posture
Wrists are directly below jaw.


Swing starts by hovering club above ball--(keeps me tall throughout swing).
Start swing pulling back on target line
And finally (most important) the hand set can never be too high at the top. Feels a bit like John Daly too me.

If I flatten my swing with the 2 swing posture I find all sorts of bad things happen. Mainly the ugly results of casting OTT swing. Pulls, Pull-hooks, slices etc.

What works for you???B-)


El Tigre Blanco
Jul 26, 2005
Hardy's book is a great choice. "The Plane Truth for Golfers" and "The Plane Truth for Golfers Master Class" are the only two swing books I skim through anymore. It seems like certain points that seemed to be just part of the system really jump out at my as I go through it, and I end up thinking, "I know I'm doing THAT wrong." When I take it to the ball there's usually a marked improvement.

I myself am a one-planer, and when I left my left shoulder get up too high on the backswing, rather than turning around underneath me, I can't hit water from the boat. When I keep it low and turning on the correct plane, I can hit the boat from a mile and a half inland.

Hardy's books, plus Stan Utley's short game books are the perfect compliation for one-plane-swingers IMO. Virtually all the instruction (one-plane in Hardy's book) is harmonious. When I practice Utley's short game methodology, my full swing gets better. When I practice my one-plane full swing, my chipping gets better. I feel like I'm getting twice as much out of my practice as a lot of people.

14 Putts on the front nine the other day seems to agree with me. :)


El Tigre Blanco
Jul 26, 2005
Yes indeed. Of course, if I'd been hitting my irons better, I wouldn't have had to chip so many times. A few times I just tore an iron into the wind and hit it a lot farther than I thought I would. My back is not in great health right now either so I'm very tentative with my full swings. Chipping doesn't scare me like full swings do right now.


Ho's from Rocky Mount, NC
Supporting Member
Jun 15, 2005
It's funny how you can have so few putts if you are a good chipper. I have missed every green on a side before and had 9 total putts.

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