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typical cost of lessons?


I need an eraser
Feb 5, 2006
token_hottie said:
That's a vicious rumor being propagated by R35. There's not an ounce of truth to it. It's all in good fun though :)

I think that video or still photographic proof should be submitted for all to judge.

In my area, Minneapolis metro, I found lessons, by accident, for my wife and daughter through a local park district. They run 3 or 4 golf courses, and have lessons geared directly at women and girls. The lessons are taught by female pros, and the price works out to be between $10 and $15 per hour. They are group lessons. In the case of my daughter, her lessons include a starter set of clubs, fit to her.
The local year round driving range I have been visiting this winter offers free tips from the staff pro on tuesday nights. His main mission seems to be trying to get me to sign up for a set of individual lessons with video analysis, more than trying to give me any tips on my swing as it is now.

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