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U.S. Open qualification

Kilted Arab

Well-Known Member
Apr 30, 2005
How do you qualify? I wanna get in next year.

There's a guy called Jonathan Lomas who is in the first group out. I met him at the Dubai Desert Classic this year..I was sitting at a table by the practice putting area with some mates and some beer and he sat and joined us. He spent a good couple of hours with us after his round and came across as a thoroghly decent bloke. An ordinary guy, a Euro journeyman pro.

Here's his bio...


He ranked 57th on the Euro tour of merit this year.

I'm assuming he must have played in some qualifying competition to get into the US Open, but cant find out for sure.

Oh well, I wish him the best of luck anyway! Go Johnny, go go go.......

(just noticed...he is in the leading group with Rory Sabbatini...ha!)

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