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UK Sale Ping G10 and Slighter putter


Trinket King
Aug 13, 2006
Up for sale are

Ping G10 driver. 10.5 degree of loft and V2 HL Reg shaft.
No adjustments and comes as standard fit/length etc.

For STers £90 shipped

Sadly due to having too many putters I am selling my Slighter Bellevue. It's 360 grams in weight and 33" long. You can see it here. It's a thing of beauty.


It has a couple of shiny areas on the topline but is pretty much A1 condition. It's a beautiful piece and putts a great roll on the ball. Headcover is included.

£120 shipped

May be open to trading for a 5 wood - looking to upgrade and maybe we could do a deal. I like TEE and Sonartec especially.

If you would like pics of the G10 let me know.


Top Bloke
Dec 21, 2006
Before I got my Mills I had my eye on a Bellevue with that same hosel and that same finish for a LONG time. ;)

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