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Unfortunate Turn of Events

Duckhook Mallard

Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
Okay - get this. First I move into a new house and it takes about 5 weeks to get the internet connection going. Long story - first it was on then it was off. . . .HOA issue, basically HOA's blow. No offense to any HOA presidents out there. . . but I'm sorry they just plain blow.

To compound that - my company went on this McCarthy-like crackdown of frivilous internet usage. So here I am - two months since my last post whimpering out of the fall golf season, NFL week seven, and the sox laying the smackdown on the evil empire. . . . . with about a half hour of quality internet access a week - - - - my father in law's dial up. Good times, good times.

What did the world do before the almighty world wide web?

Anyway- I'm back. . . . . sorry to abandon the board just as it started to take off, but I'm live at the house now. . . giddy up! :D

So anyway - here's my golf related question. . . . .

How is it that I have two rounds scheduled for both Saturday and Sunday. . . . .Saturday I play a VERY difficult course and play out of my mind - shoot a hard fought 83. . . . I'm a player right??? Hell I'm even thinking I should start looking on Ebay for some musclebacks. . . . . Sunday, not more than 18 hours later. . . I play like I've never seen a golf club.. . . . at the local muni no less? Quit keeping score on about 11. . . . . Unbelievable.

As soon as I start feeling like I got it together. . . . Golf sends me a not so subtle reminder that I need to show the game some respect. I'm convinced that ''Ole Man Par' is a vindictive masochist . . . . :mad:

I can't wait to take him on again Saturday. . . .


ST Homeland Security
Aug 30, 2004
Duckhook Mallard said:
I'm convinced that ''Ole Man Par' is a vindictive masochist . . . . :mad:
How do you know it's a "he", you masogenist?

Just joking. :) Welcome back. Hug your daddy, or your daddy-in-law for giving you the 1/2 hour a day.


The golfer fka ST Champ
Aug 31, 2004
I hate it, but for most of us mortals this is golf. I've watched myself and the guys I play with all go through periods of outstanding play followed by horrific play and back to good again.

Welcome back & good luck with the HOA. They can be a challenge. :puke:


Shark skin shoes
Staff member
Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada
What up, Mallard? Long time, no read. :D

My suggestion is when you start to have a crappy round after a good one, just enjoy the walk through nature....

Don't get down on yourself. Nothing is automatic. Not even the internet. :thumbup:

Good to have you back.


Duckhook Mallard

Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
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Thanks all - its good to be back.

know what Rock? I actually did end up enjoying the afternoon - it was a nice stroll. . . . . We were all playing bad - at the turn we filled our bags with a delicious blend of chilled barley and hops - - not to mention a few mulligans :D

Honestly - how can I argue about playing golf two days in a row in October.

crow - good point. I never really thought about that. If old man par or the proverbial "golf gods" are actually women, it explains quite a bit doesn't it?


ST Homeland Security
Aug 30, 2004
Yup. It is no coincidence that my worst rounds are wrestled time from the wife. Either the golf gods are actually a rotating chamber of our wives, or a goddess who our wives have tremendous pull with. For you single, unattached guys out there, you have no excuses. Ya'll just suck.

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