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Unreleased TItleist 3 wood

Mizuno MPed

Mar 11, 2005
My fitter just gave me this. He got it from his titleist rep. The upcoming titleist 904F 15 deg with the speeder stiff shaft. I didnt touch it the club is brand new. I just bought the pt 15 deg from a person i know. These will come out in sometime in april at around 300 bucks. Ill give u the chance to buy this club a month or so earlier than thetime it hits retail. GOtta say, the club looks amzing. Offer me a price. I also have a mint titleist PT 13 deg 3 wood. Im looking at around 100 or may be i will go lower. OFfer me a price. Dont miss this great opportunity. Retail is 300 and im willing to sell it just a little over that price. Get the club 4, 5 weeks before it hits the stores.

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