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Used Wedges Question


Top Bloke
Dec 21, 2006
1. I have played the CG14s and thought they were awesome
2. My experience with cheap wedges hasn't been the best, and I doubt your recommendation would be any different.

Thanks anyway

Interesting. I would personally guarantee that the Maltby wedges would compare favorably to any Cleveland. While feeling much better because of the forged head. But, if you prefer to spend four times as much, go for it. ;)

As to used wedges, if the grooves are okay go for it. If they are visibly rounded off then forget it.


It's in the hole-ASSCLOWN
Mar 30, 2008
Maltby isn't a name brand per se, i get that. But what it comes down to is advertising, and if everybody starting buying more Maltby stuff, they'd probably jack up the prices. So I guess we should be thanking the millions of people for buying a brand image. :maltby:


Hybrid convert
Nov 6, 2007
I played a round yesterday with my Taylor Made RAC wedge I just bought. Man this thing is smooth feeling. Puts great spin on the ball to. 60º with 7º bounce.

So yes, you can buy used wedges and get great results from them.

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