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Washing golf gloves


Jan 14, 2005
Depends on the material, but I once left a FootJoy Weather Soft in my shorts and it got washed. Wife hung it up to dry and it looked ok when it dried out.

Why are yours getting trashed after two rounds?

Myself, I quit wearing a golf about 1 month ago because my cord grips were tearing em up. To be honest I have not noticed any difference. My hands don't sweat much so maybe that helps.

Be like Freddy Couples and go gloveless and see what happens, saves a lot of money on leather!


Well-Known Member
Aug 6, 2005
or get a better glove, but yea cords will do a number on gloves. i just bought a new nike glove today and i love it so far, played 9 with it. now if only i knew how to hit from about 6-7 yards off the green in the rough and set it on the green for a 1 putt id be golden


Never Say Die
Jul 28, 2005
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I have half-cord grips, combine with the sweat and they get nasty pretty fast. The sweat is what really does it in, when it dries the glove shrivels and loses its tackiness.

Dave Ireland

I'm sizzlin tonite
Aug 31, 2004
cabinessence said:
I have half-cord grips, combine with the sweat and they get nasty pretty fast. The sweat is what really does it in, when it dries the glove shrivels and loses its tackiness.

Yeah I'm much the same, the whang off my glove is akin to a tramp's armpit. I remove my glove after nearly every shot and waggle it around like a wind sock.
I have 3 TMade Cabretta Leather gloves and a Footjoy Rain Grip in the bag, and it brings me back to my bachelor life when the pair of socks that smelled the least were the ones that you wore for the day :D


In the Lumbar Yard
Jul 3, 2005
Throwing your golve in your bag between rounds will make them wear out faster. I try and let mine dry a little between shots too.


Well-Known Member
May 23, 2005
My gloves don't last more than two rounds and that's pushing it. When the weather's hot I sweat like Craig Stadler running a marathon in Death Valley. This means that sometimes I have to alternate gloves during rounds.

I can go two or three holes without a glove just fine, but then I start wiping off my forehead and neck with my hand and then I have to practically superglue the club to my fingers to keep it from slipping. So gloves for me are an evil necessity. I would prefer to not to have to buy them because I think golf gloves are a scam. No one can tell me that a glove can't be invented that could last 50 rounds if a company so decided. The same people who are keeping the permanent glove from us are the same ones who won't allow the car that runs on salt water to be brought to market. Don't think it's true? Oh, it's true. And if I suddenly disappear from the face of the earth immediately following this post you'll have your proof. I hope you all are happy that I'm willing to risk my life to bring you this information. Another indicator of my information being true will be the drop in the stock prices of aluminum because I won't be around to manufacture hats made out of tinfoil anymore.



El Tigre Blanco
Jul 26, 2005
Footjoy gloves are the way to go.. The first one I bought in March when I really started to play, I still have today. I only use it for practice, but it's still wear-able. It was just an 11$ weathersof one. Prolly a month after that I got a 17$ etonic one that felt amazing just to have on, but that wore out FAST. Bought a 12$ dry-ice FJ glove and am still lovin' it as we speak.

I also began to take my glove off after every shot when I got my dry-ice glove. I've played quite a few rounds with it, and it's still in real good shape.

I can't imagine not wearing a glove though. The hand I don't wear a glove on is usually torn and red, and that's the one you're not supposed to use that much. I'd recommend a 11-14$ footjoy glove, and try to take it off after every shot.If you're carrying a bag, wrap it around your 4 iron or something. It'll stay on, and get some air.


Used club guru
Mar 29, 2005
If you use synthetic gloves instead of leather they will last a lot longer if it is just the sweat drying them out.

If they made a glove that will last if will be too thick to get a good feel. Think about what leather rancher gloves would be like, they would last a long time but you couldn't feel the club.

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