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Waupaca Country Club


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Jul 9, 2005
central Wisconsin
United States United States
Got to play this nine hole "private" course today. They let me play since I asked about a membership. Very cool layout, impeccable fairways and greens. New Yamaha carts with ball and club washers on them and rain cover for your clubs. Little things like the cups cut perfectly on every green with no shaggy rims. Water on every third hole. Bridges over the river that weaves through the course that the highway department would be jealous of. And membership is about $2,000/yr. These are the upsides.

Downsides are:
You'd get pretty bored playing the same nine holes over and over and over even though they have you play different tees for each nine of the eighteen holes. They have the one hole with two different greens, one for each tee block.

It's right near Waupaca foundry and the noise (and smell) is pretty strong.

There's huge, frequently traveled train tracks right by it and when those engines blow their horns you'd better not be swinging because it's LOUD. (And this is from a deaf man)!!

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Dec 24, 2007
South Central Wisconsin
United States United States
Yesh...two large to play golf for a year?

At current weekend rates on my local 9 hole that they keep in immaculate condition, I would have to play it 90 times to break even. Of course there are certainly intangibles of playing a private course...but still. 90(45 full rounds) times in the short summer we have here in WI...that's an absolute ton of golf on the same 9 holes. I don't care how private it is.

Just me though. It would definitely be nice to play somewhere that you don't have to deal with the weekend hackers like me...or the drunks and idiots that don't know which way is up like MC.

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