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We need Testers for a new product



We need testers for a new product called A Pro in Your Pocket.

The system features the Pro in Your Pocket card which replaces a normal scorecard and can be used on any course. It is the same size as normal scorecard but it has graphics on three sides which allow you to record your key shots during a round. After the game you then log on to the Swingsure web site from any computer and enter the round details via a simple drag and drop system. Swingsure then provides a multitude of statistics which identify the strengths and weaknesses of your game. In addition you can compare yourself to any other handicapper and aim to see your name in lights with our amateur Order of Merit league tables called the Movers and Shakers.

If you email me directly [email protected] I will give you details on how to register and there will be an extended free membership for all participants.


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