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Weird driver issue


Well-Known Member
May 12, 2008
I came back to the game this year after several years of being an occasional hacker. I'm really working hard on my game and am making fast progress. I began the season with my old Taylor Made Burner 9.5* S90 Plus Bubble Shaft (stiff flex). In the beginning I couldn't hit it worth a flip and decided to pull the trigger on a more modern driver. Wound up with a Tour Edge Bazooka JMax QL 10.5* Regular Flex. At first it made a big difference. I hit it longer and straighter than my old Burner. Now that my swing is improving I'm hitting all my clubs a whole lot better (they're all stiff shaft except that Bazooka driver). The one exception is I started slicing with my new driver. Not all that bad but it was getting harder and harder to control. Just for giggles and grins I broke out my old Burner and, lo and behold, I'm hitting that thing really good now. Much longer, straighter and more consistent than I ever hit it before. What's more I can actually hit that driver longer than the Bazooka. I haven't had my swing speed measured but I wouldn't think it's high enough for 1* of loft to make that much difference. I'd be surprised if it was more than 100 mph. The Burner's lighter than the Bazooka (smaller head, less wind resistance). Plus, I'm guessing the regular flex shaft tends to exaggerate whatever swing flaws I do have. So, what do you guys think? Any other theories?


El Tigre Blanco
Jul 26, 2005
You'd probably be surprised about swing speed. If you're swinging correctly, it won't feel like you're doing a whole lot. You're really only FAST for a split second at the bottom of the swing, and the best way to get that speed is with smooth, fluid motion. Much easier on your body than a hard jerk toward the golf ball.

The shaft might have a bit to do with control. I highly recommend you get on ebay and find a Cleveland Launcher 460 ti (not COMP) model in 9.5. They can be had stock with the Aldila NV shaft, which may work for you, and may not. However, the Launcher is one of the longest drivers I've ever hit. It's very good looking, has a nice sound to it, and you can probably pick it up for 80$ to your door.

If it doesn't work for you, it's a great hard to start trying new shafts with. At the least it's not going to be a second mortgage.