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Well it was a good run


Beware of the Phog!
Aug 26, 2004
i've been against hybrids for a long time but just think it might be time to hop on the bandwagon, i need to head to the shop and just get over the look to begin with, but once that happens i'm gonna want to get one probably

thow in your suggestions and just some products around, i'm looking for anything around the $100-$130 mark, i'll give you guys my current bag so you can tell me what degree you would think i would need to fill distance gaps

TM Burner 420 8.5* will go anywhere from 270-310
TM V-steel 15* not sure of distances, about to reshaft
purespin cheapo 5W 180-220
TM supersteel irons 4-pw
Adams Tom Watson 52, 56, 60 wedges

looking to replace the 5W

i was also wondering what the differnce between say a cleveland LDI and say a TM rescue mid would be b/c they look quite a bit different


Supporting Member
Apr 16, 2005
YG - see the thread I started this morning on this subject :) Lots of good info in there.


Carrollton, TX
Supporting Member
Aug 20, 2005
United States United States
I have not hit any other Hybrids other than my Snake Eyes Quick Strike II's and my latest and greatest Snake Eyes Quick Strike Tours, but Golf magazine ran a brief hybrid club test in their latest issue. I was going try and post a link from Golfonline, but realized that you have to be a member to read it so it would probably be unreadable to most of the folks here. What I remember from the article (mag is at home, I am not) I beleive that the weapon of choice was the Cleveland Halo. The Taylor Mades were also highly ranked but they were rating the newer RM's with the adjustable weight ports. The older Taylor Made RM's (without the weight ports) can be had a bit cheaper in steel. I saw them at the local BJ's wholesale club but can not remember the price. I want to say the steel shaft was somewhere between $100-$135 a piece.

As far as loft of the Hybrid, what is the current loft of your 5W and 4I? An 18 degree or 19 degree may replace your 5W but a 20 degree or 21 degree may be a better gap filler if you have a good distance gap between your 5W and 4I. See VTdivot's post for more info.


I don't have a handicap.
Dec 5, 2004
Just to throw a couple of cents onto ualtim's info from Golf Magazine...

I've hit the HALO and was really looking forward to it. My friend picked one up at a good price and we went to town with it at the range. He sold it within a week. It was simply awkward to look at and hard to hit well.

TM RMs are always a big hit, but you may consider looking at the Miz Fli Hi CLK - it's my weapon of choice and I *love* it. Sure, I can hit it as badly as anything, but so many times when I'm worried I've hit a crappy shot, it still sends it down the middle with a slight draw.

I think I picked mine up for about $60 USD on ebay. Retails here for about $179 CDN.

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