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What a few days of golf comming up.

The master

Oct 24, 2004
Ok saturday I am out playing at 2.15pm and it is meant to blow a gale that should be fun to say the least.

Then on Sunday the big one the first Fred daily match of the year against Lisburn a excellent course you played it IG, I love it.

We are getting up there 1 pm sharp a few practice holes then the matches will go out this is my favourite thing off the year it is so fun, then after the golf a meal in the club house. Then back to WATCH THE MASTERS.

Monday have to meet in school at 8 am for the Ulster schools championshipat Royal Belfast a sweet course can hardly contain myself.

Monday night a holt shield practice round at Bangor it will be ok.

Tuesday after school up to Clintonville golf course for a 18 hole Holt shield practice, never played this course. And I'm always egger to play new course.

I can't wait for the next few days golf crazy.

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