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What a match!


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
Masters was exciting to the end.
The most amazing thing I've seen is probably the chip on 16th, very hard to execute...
Tiger wins, but huge props to Chris for battling it out until the end. I feel really bad for him, he was so close.
Congratulations guys for putting up a great show!


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
I love the Masters...

I think that one of the reasons it is such a great tournament is because they do it at the same course every time.

They have about 300 miles of video tape of shots they can watch to locate the pins. Shots from past tourneys.

I love the fact that they actually "loosen" the pins somewhat as the tourney progresses. The Sunday placements were much easier than the Thursday ones.

How about that placement on 16 today?? 5-6 players almost aced it....

Yes DeMarco showed what he is made of. He did Not blow it but Tiger took it away.


Titleist Junkie
Apr 2, 2005
Yeah, but tiger nearly blew it. It was truly amazing to watch. When he chipped in for birdie at the 16th, that was an awesome moment.

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