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what a rollercoaster


winter ho'in
May 21, 2006
yesterday i played great. a few really bad mistakes but still very good.

i had a very up and down scorecard! lol

front 9: par,bird,double, par,par,par,bogey,par,bogey. (39) +3
back 9: eagle,par,par,par,par,par,par,double,bogey. (37) +1

76! and i made my second eagle after laying up to 95 yards and holing a sw:)

im starting to take dumb risks about twice a round or so and coming out with doubles and triples on those holes. should i scres it and play for bogey after such bad tee shots, cause this getting to me! (about a week ago i shot 80 with two triples and a few 2-3 foot yippers, and today was 76 with 2 doubles, and two 2-3 foot yiped putts. thanks for hearing my rant! this is a shortened version from the one on GR. your thoughts? should i play for bogey when im pretty much screwed after my tee shots? i have about 70 percent chance of double or worse, with 30 percent chance of par, but i always seem to take that risk, and tell my self i wont do it again but i still do.. lol


She lives!
Supporting Member
Jul 3, 2006
Dont take a risk unless you think you can do it.

And if you think you can, KNOW you can when you swing.