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What about the Euros vs the Internationals?


slacker hacker
Aug 31, 2004
In light of the abysmal effort by the good ol' US of A, I put forward that the Ryder Cup should now be played between the victorious European team, and the Internationals from the Presidents Cup. I for one would like to see:

Garcia vs Scott
Els vs Monty
Singh vs Clarke
Goosen vs Harrington
Weir vs Poulter

The list goes on...

Seriously though, can anyone come up with a way that there could be a tourney to decide who is the best? Should the Euros now play the Internationals in 2005 and the winner of that play the US in 2006 and so on? The undisputed world champions could then be the team that wins 2 events in succession?

I love the drama of the Ryder and Presidents Cups, although the Ryder has much more meaning and history behind it. Unfortunately it doesn't get the coverage it should Down Under and it seems a shame that a fantastic event like this should be missing half of the world's top 10 players (Singh, Els, Goosen, Scott are all top 10, Appleby is just outside).

What do you guys think?



Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
I would thoroughly enjoy seeing some sort of World Golf Championship. Obviously there are so many premier players that do not reside in the US or Europe that including them somehow would be fantastic.

Australia and South Africa seem are golf factories to some extent. Including players from these countries would be great.

The bad news is that the Ryder Cup has so much tradition behind it. They would do Anything to prevent a World Golf Championship from tarnishing the prestige of their tournament. And when you have the rich and powerful from Britain and the US working against something - no matter how meritorious - it stands little chance of getting off the ground.

I still would enjoy seeing it happen though. It could be held every other year - in odd years....


The golfer fka ST Champ
Aug 31, 2004
I just read an article on Golfonline.com that suggested a similar idea. Basically you combine the Ryder & Presidents Cup. The winner of this years Ryder (Euros) would play the Rest of The World team in 2 years. Then the winner of match would play the US two years later. This way the US team is only playing every 2 or 4 years instead of every year with Ryder one year & Presidents the next.

I have to think it would add some drama and a little more importance to the players & fans knowing if you lose you don't get another chance for 4 years. It'll never happen but it sounds like a decent idea. :golf:

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