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What ball for your game? GOLF magazine article..


Well-Known Member
May 14, 2007
Thanks for the pics of The Gamer. I liked the D2 Feels, so I guess I'll have to try these. I'm going to have to check our local stores to see if they're in yet (TN).


Picked up a box of the Burner TP's last week & finally found some of the new TF Gamers tonight at Golf Galaxy. Can't wait to try them out & compare, most likely wont be until late feb when we visit my In-laws in MS.


Good Walk Spoiler
Supporting Member
Dec 19, 2006
I would rather like to try the Wilson Staff Zip. I played the 50/50 for the last couple of rounds of 2007, and will probably play them for the first few rounds of this year, and I find that it's a very good cold-weather ball.


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Jul 9, 2005
central Wisconsin
United States United States
I'm going to be stocking up on the TaylorMade Tour Reds at Dick's as long as they have them for $29... :)

(and I haven't even hit one yet....) :D

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