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What do you think of this?


Beware of the Phog!
Aug 26, 2004
I'm all for equality between sexes, but i kind of think the masters and augusta (spelling i think, forgive me) should be left as a sacred males only thing, just my thoughts


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Aug 26, 2004
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Funny...I want her in it some day and I want her to win.

I think it would be cool.


Well-Known Member
Dec 18, 2004
I am MW fan but I really disagree with her selection of tournaments. I really think she needs to win the AM tourny's and then start having top 10 finishes on the LPGA before she try's to get lucky and make a cut on the PGA. When she shows she can beat the big 'A' on a regular bases, then she should move on to the next challenge. She is not even close to being there yet... yet.


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
I agree with GoFlyers.
It's good to have ambitions, but she needs to be on top of the LPGA, then she can compete with the boys. What would be fair is that she either goes to Q-school or go to the buy.com tour (oops Nationwide). And just a reminder, almost 80% on the guys on the Nationwide cracks a drive at 300 no problem. But the best have great short games, something that MW needs to work at for the moment.
In fact, wouldn't it be nice if there was an open opened to both sex? The course would be something not too prohibitive, like 7000-7100 yards. But it would be a difficult one, where management and skills are required to succeed (me thinking of St-Andrews).

Just look at how Se Ri Pak fared with the boys in Korea. She not only made the cut, but finished 10th.
http://www.seoulsisters.com/magazines/issue 17/sbs.htm
(I love how the author tells the story. Kind of dramatic:))


ST Homeland Security
Aug 30, 2004
This coming from a young lady who has skipped competing in the junior circuit, amateur circuit, and is yet to win or be even be more than a media stir on the LPGA. I like her. I think she has huge talent. But I also think she's nothing more than a young, immature 10th grader who has developing social skills, an underdeveloped grasp on reality, and a huge case of "when I grow up" syndrome. So, all that makes her different from the normal 10th grader is the facts that she has a grander stage to talk on than the normal 10th grader and the fact that most 10th graders have parents that are grounded in reality and actually try to keep their kid grounded instead of pushing them so hard. i.e. I tell my kids to take on the world, but I also tell them, finish grammar school-- finish high school-- finish college-- start at the bottom in the workforce and prove yourself. Her parents say, forget junior competition, forget college competition, win on tour.


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Aug 26, 2004
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I agree....I can't see this happening for at least 10 years, if it happens at all.


Shark skin shoes
Staff member
Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada
Alright, i'm gonna sound off here, but don't label me until you read all of this garbage....

I like Wie. She's an immense talent as far as her age and her record indicates. However, she hasn't won squat. As far as her record looks on paper, she really hasn't had that much experience as far as big tournaments, big pressure, playing against the best. Until she wins more than Annika on the LPGA tour, she has no right spouting off like that. Put up some numbers, then we'll talk.

That being said, there are alot of women golfers out there that seem destined to "break the rule" of the gender gap. And I say "LET THEM PLAY".

I would be 100% behind women on the Professional Golfers Association. If you want to be a "professional", you should be allowed to play on the "professional tour". The fact that there is a seperate tour between men and women pretty much sums up the fact that women are still treated as second class when it comes to golf.

But, I have to add, that while i stand firmly behind this stance, i still beleive that people would quickly see that women have a significant disadvatage when it comes to men. Even if women played, they would never win. Never. No flukes, no 4 good rounds in a row, it just plain and simple would never happen. The guys on the tour are there for a reason. They are good. Head to head against any woman (even Annika, or Wie....) would stand no chance.

Don't label me as a sexist. I'm not like that. As I said, they should have free rein to play on the professional tour just like any other person does if they qualify, put up the numbers, and compete. But, the only positive that would come of that scenario (which I, personally, would be happy to see) is that a woman finishing 20th would win more money than she would finishing 2nd on her tour.

And that's why women soley want to be equalled. They realize that money is waaaaaay better on the "men's" tour than that of the LPGA. And I don't blame them for wanting a peice of the pie.

Let them play. They won't win, but they'll make more in 10 years on the PGA tour than they would in their entire careers on the LPGA tour.



Mikey Dangerous
Nov 29, 2004
I agree with Rock, let them play. Though I alos doubt very much that a woman coudl ever complet "equally" with the guys on tour. It's like anyother sport. You wouldnt expect the Women's National Hockey Team to even score of the Gusy team, Though they ar eboth great teams. Or for a WNBA team to compete against the NBA and even look liek they belonged on the same court. don't get me wrong there are many many great female athletes out there. But when it comes to thsi playign against the giys things I just dorn think they have what it takes to be on the same level be be equal or better then guys, at the professional level. Look at any sport look at records for male and females in track and field, or anything and youll see a huge gap that I doubt will be filled any time soon. I'm all for equallity but I;d rahther seem stars liek Anika compete against ppl their skill leel and win rather then get blown out of the water and look like bad playign agianst guys who frankly are to good to be believed.

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