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what do you think?


Well-Known Member
Nov 12, 2005
what do you think of this swing?
it's not me btw but a handicap 6 player


  • Si Drive 1st.AVI
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Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
I pretty nice swing there...you are level at the top and certainly take an aggressive cut at the ball!!

Tiger Who?

Well-Known Member
Oct 30, 2005
She said it was somebody else...

That person has a nice swing and they are level at the top as Bravo said. I think they may be swinging a little too hard as they almost fall on their face after impact.


Talks a good game
Oct 3, 2005
golfgalz said:
what do you think of this swing?
it's not me btw but a handicap 6 player

Yet another exponent of the Tiger Woods "kill it from the top" method. Don't get me wrong, Tiger Woods is a golfing phenomenon but I don't think his swing is the best to try to immitate for the average golfer. He has a level of control, (trying not to sound gay here) physique and dedication to practice that we can never achieve. The way that person on the clip dips their head on the down swing and just manages to keep their balance are not good indicators of a controlled repeatable swing.

Sorry to focus on the negatives here, how's this.... good set up, nice back swing and decent follow through pose (an essential part of every golfers game!)


Well-Known Member
Apr 2, 2005
Yeah, the big dip to start the downswing was noticeable and may have been the reason why it looked like a block shot (right). Of course, it's only one swing and with a driver...another swing might be different especially when not on camera hehe.

It looked like a strong swing, though.

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