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What iron sets have you had in the past and what do you have now?


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Aug 6, 2008
I was a bit of a ho, but compared to some of you lot (looks at limpalong) I'm not that bad. :emot-ange

I haven't been here that long, but I gather from his posts that Limpalong was born just after the war, the Civil War, so he has had ample time to gather a plethora of irons.



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Apr 16, 2005
Interesting thread.

Northwestern starter set
Cobra knock offs
Taylor Made Burner LCG
Cleveland TA7
Macgregor VIP Forged MB
Mizuno MP-30
Mizuno MP-60

Not all that much really... irons and drivers I don't screw around with as much as say 3W of which I've had about a dozen in the past 3 years.


New Member
Aug 24, 2008
Started out with a set of Knight Virage that I bought at Wal-Mart, then I bought a set of Titleist DCI 981s.
About a year after I bought the 981s, I got out of golf and sold them and when I got back into golf in June of last year I bought a used set of 981s off of Ebay, didnt like them and bought the set of Mizuno MX-15s that I currently play.
I love my Mizzies and the only way they will ever leave my bag is if I decide to spend the money for a set of MX-100s, MX-200s or MX-950s.


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Feb 1, 2009
Hard to remember them all, but I will go through the ones I remember:

Spalding Greg Norman blades
Spalding Centennials
Ping Eye 2
Spalding Tour Editions
Some BB knockoffs
Callaway S2H2's (probably my favorite I have ever owned)
Wilson Fat Shafts
Top Flite 2000
Callaway X-12
Callaways Big Bertha 2002
Top Flite Tours
Callaway X-14 Pros (second favorites, very close to #1)
Ping i-5/G-5 combos
Adams G3

I know there are a few others I have omitted, but can not remember what they were right now. Seems I recall some sort of KZG's and Clevelands at one point or other, as well as some other clone set I had way back when. I gave up golf for the last couple of years, but bought that set of Adams irons a while back just to have some clubs around. They are all I have right now, and I will likely replace them if I decide to go full bore back into playing.

20 PAT's

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Jun 21, 2009
First set I shared with my brother Spaulding MatchPlay $50
next Ping Eye 2+ ($100 and a case of beer,probably PBR)
Titleist DCI 962
Cleveland TA 4
Mizuno MP 30
I always went back to the Eye 2's that I got in 1991
until 2009 when I got my current set of Cobra Pro CB


I Love Cindy Mancini
Dec 23, 2009
very nice! im currently playing the CB version of the Forged Tour Premiums. Im on my 2nd set in 6 years now. I love them. I've had so many iron sets over the years that its difficult to remember them all. But here are a few:

Precept Forged Tour Premium CB's


Tour Edge Forged V-Blades

Precept Tour Premium EC603 ProSpec Blades

Tad Moore Tour Forged Cavity's

Precept Tour Premium EC603 Cavity Backs (Combined them with the ProSpecs to make a Combo set)

RG Designs/Dunlop Players Blades

Tad Moore TM-02's

Precept Forged Perimeter Weighted II's

Top Flite Professional Blades

Top Flite Custom Made Forged Blades

And still yet to be shafted: Dunlop Tour DG heads

Plus many others like Callaway S2H2 BeCu's, Titleist DCI 962's, Maxfli Revolutions, and many more

This thread is just asking for trouble....

Started off with some kiddy clubs that I got when I was 7 or so. (19 now) still have these clubs in the basement. "kool cat's" or something.

Women's Knight sets from Dick's Sporting Goods (have these too)
Taylormade SuperSteel Burners (sold)
Cleveland TA1 Form Forged Blades (should've never sold these)
Adams Tight Lies GT Tours(in my closet)
Wilson Pi5's (sold)
Maxfli Revolutions (my current gamers...but they're headed to the closet)
These just arrived today....I'm in love. (don't tell my better half)