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What Majors have you attended?


Never Say Die
Jul 28, 2005
Been to the 2005 US Open at Pinehurst on saturday and the 2007 US Women's Open at Pine Needles on Thursday. At the Women's Open i was lucky enough to get Se Ri Pak, Lorena, and Morgan Pressel's autographs while they were practicing after their rounds so that was pretty cool. Also had the chance to chat with Morgan Pressel's grandfather while watching her on the 18th. Both were wonderful experiences and I want to go to all four majors before i die also. Had a chance to go to the 2007 Masters but had a tournament that I finished runner up in.
I haven't been to any LPGA events but would love to. They basically play my game distance-wise so it could be a great learning opportunity.


Gimme some roombas!
Aug 13, 2006
I was supposed to go to the US Open at Pinehurst in 2005, but I got my wife knocked up. Ty was born the day after Father's Day!

I did attend the next year, 2006 at Winged Foot. Those guys are amazing.

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