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What should I do!!

Brandon 241

Super Low
Apr 22, 2005
Ok for one new to the board. Yes, now I am fixing to leave for college to go play at Sam Houston. I have hit ISI's for the past 4 years and am about tired of swinging these lead weights. I went and hit the MP 32 at Golfsmith yesterday and I have never in my life hit a club that was so solid. Also I am getting away from my Hawkeye driver. I hit the G2 and the Mizuno 001 driver. What do you guys think? Inputs please....


Well-Known Member
Feb 13, 2005
You'll get many different suggestions. The issue is that a "great" club for one person is a bad club for another. You're best to go hit a bunch of different clubs on the range. That is how I ended up with my Hogan irons. Compared to the pings, TM's, callys and others at the time (2 years ago), they blew them all away. They still do.

Clubs are very personal. Especially short game clubs and the most special club in my entire bag is my putter.

Regarding the driver issue. I have a demo days post here on my blog. I hit a bunch of different drivers and wrote a little blip on them.

You must make sure you have the right shafts on all of your clubs especially. I have all stiff shafts except one club is regular on my 3W since it works so well.


I don't have a handicap.
Dec 5, 2004
Mizuno irons, Cleveland Launcher driver.

You'll be on tour in no time, just looka t me!

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