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what wedge to fill a gap


Well-Known Member
Jun 20, 2008
Currently I carry 3 wedges. My PW is 46 degrees SW is 56 and I have a 60 Cleveland CG 14. There is a pretty big yardage gap between my PW and SW. I Really like my Cleveland so was looking to fill the gap with another of those but I can't decide what loft to go with. Right now I'm leaning toward a 50 degree but I don't see many folks carrying those and was wondering why. It seems like more people have the 52 but I'm worried that will be too close to my 56 and still leave too much of a gap.

So is there a reason more people don't carry a 50?



Well-Known Member
Nov 18, 2007
My wedges are 47* pw, a 52* gap wedge, and a 58* lob wedge, and just put in a 64* wedge and took out my 3 iron. I used to have a 56* but it was real close in yardage to my 60* and that is why i went with this setup, I like the 6* gap between them


Gimme some roombas!
Aug 13, 2006
I find that, also, that there are not many 50 degree wedges out there. I think that loft is a good choice with the amount of set with 45-46 degree PW's.

Personally, my PW is 47, and I have gone with 52 and 60 degree wedges. I very rarely hit full wedge shots, and distance control is the strongest part of my game, so the gap doesn't bother me. I found that I needed the loft separation, as I seem to hit lob wedges way farther then I should be able to.


Clubmaking Ho
Supporting Member
Apr 21, 2007
I have a 47º PW, 52º GW and 56º SW. I sometimes carry a 60º LW too but still undecided whether to keep it in the bag or not. Right now I have room for it so it's in. If I add a club between my 4w and 3h then it will likely go.

I find I use my GW for about 90% of my wedge shots under about 80 yds. It's just a really comfortable club for me and I can hit a wide variety of shots with it from all different kinds of lies.

The SW is great for all but the longest bunker shots. I also hit flop shots with it to great effectiveness from all but a bare dirt lie. Frnkly, I can't hit a flop shot from that kind of lie with a LW either, so the LW is kind of redundant in my bag.

The GW though is the one club I couldn't live without -- I probably hit at least a dozen shots with it every round. Hmmm, I need to keep track of that sometime and see just how many I hit. I know it's a lot.

I very rarely hit full wedge shots, and distance control is the strongest part of my game, so the gap doesn't bother me. I found that I needed the loft separation, as I seem to hit lob wedges way farther then I should be able to.

Same here. Without my short game I'd be a 20+ capper. :laugh:

I have the opposite problem with my LW though. I hit it way shorter than I would like without delofting it a lot. I suspect it's because when I was younger I hit tens of thousands of shots with a 52º "pitching wedge", the highest lofted club in my bag, except a sand wedge that had massive bounce and was worthless for anything but bunker shots (which is was great for). I got so good at opening up and closing down the blade I could easily control length and trajectory just by ball and clubhead position.

I can hit a great flop shot with my LW but that's about it. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I can also do the same with my GW and much more.


Well-Known Member
Feb 5, 2006
A 50 or 51* would be a good wedge. I used to use a 45.5* PW, 50-55-60. I also had the irons delofted and skipped a 4iron though. Now I go from 47* to 55* to 60*. I'd like to get my 55 bent down again at some point to a 54*.

Pa Jayhawk

Well-Known Member
Nov 15, 2005
United States United States
For me it would be all about filling the gap properly, whether it be a 50*, 51* or 52* if distance is your only measurement. I have a 46* 9i and a 56* SW. My 52* is slightly weak as a "GAP Wedge" and I may have it bent to 51*. Although it is also my primary chipping club, so giving up a few yards in a full wedge shot in evening the gap for the sake of being comfortable with speed control on my chips is a small price to pay. I had my last one bent to 51*, but am not sure I will do the same with this one.

It is not all about full shots and filling gaps for me. My 52* is my most used club next to my putter, so I am not as worried about it being a true GAP Wedge as I am concerned about it being my "GO TO" club around the greens. Whether it mean that it be a 52* or 51* is irrelevant to me outside of what I am most comfortable with for my short game. You are talking about a yard or two on full shots, which for me is moot from 105 yard. Although being able to have adequate feel on my primary chipping club or out of the sand (also my primary sand club) is more important to me.

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