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What would the pros use?


Well-Known Member
Aug 15, 2006
Wonder how much longer Michelle Wie will get money from Nike... :)

lol that's funny.

When I marshalled the Byron Nelson in dallas, working the tee box I noticed that several head covers concealed a different brand of club. Especially in the case of Mizzuno. 4 Golfers with Mizzuno head covers pulled a different driver. 3 were Taylor Made and 1 was Titleist. So there must be something in some of the equipment deals that say if the player doesn't like the gear they can play something else.


Carrollton, TX
Supporting Member
Aug 20, 2005
United States United States
Didn't someone win not that long ago with a putter they bought from a retail store??

That was Mark Calcavecchia. The Tour Vans disappear on Wednesday to drive to the next tour stop. No more freebies are readily available once the Tour Van leaves, although I am sure they could call someone and get a replacement, just not as fast nor to the same specs if they are picky. Of course, Calc being Calc, he got fed up with his putter and just went into the local golf shop and bought a different Ping putter. :D I think it was when he won the P.O.D.S. in Tampa.

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