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What'd I miss?


Beware of the Phog!
Aug 26, 2004
got back earlier from my trip to colorado, great weather,

i played twice at the same course, short muni track, that i've always liked, accuracy is a must here tons of holes are blind shots from the tee

played monday, couldn't hit a drive straight, couldn't hit an iron shot either, thinnned more shots than can count, struggled to an 87

later that night played with a "legend of bagger vance" thought of finding your true swing or your natural swing , for me this involved meditating then closing my eyes and just swinging back and through not stopping and got something wonderful

headed out thursday after practicing the "natural swing" thought, was hitting the ball wonderfully missing only two fairways and averaging 310 off the tee i was able to cruise my way to a 78 when not putting or chipping well at all, drove past a 370 yard hole when i hit the path

i really feel confident now, i need to work on my short game some then i should be golden

you guys should try this "natural swing" thought, its worked wonders with all aspects of my game

sorry this was so long

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