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What's REALLY in your bag? A new, revealing thread!


Enjoy Life!
Supporting Member
May 5, 2008
United States United States
Now we know why you always only play nine. You end up sitting in the grill room eating nachos all afternoon while watching old Beavis and Butthead cartoons.

LOL, only 1 9 hole round this year...nice reply tho'!


Top Bloke
Dec 21, 2006
I don't carry much.

(3) sleeves Taylormade tp Red
(21) random balls that I found. All kinds. I usually play these if I find decent ones
(2) Taylormade towels, one hanging on the bag
(27) 2 3/4" tees, the cool Golf Pride ones with yellow bands around them
(lots) of coins
(lots) of pencils
(4) water bottles that are filled before departure from home
(1) rain cover for my bag
(1) sharpie, black
and my wallet, phone, keys, and knife while I'm playing


Taylormade Ho' Magnet
May 29, 2008
So, I had it typed up and it went away. Shorter version.

My main cart bag/push cart bag. Sun Mtn C-130, holds a ton.

  • 5 used FJ/TM/Adidas gloves
  • 3 new FJ Spidr2 gloves
  • 1 pair of FJ Winter gloves
  • 1 towel for my face/hands
  • 2 towels for my clubs/grips
  • 1 tube of sunscreen
  • 1 face cooling wipes to clean up after round
  • 1 IPod
  • 3 rolls of Speedtape for my fingers
  • Frogger Club brush
  • Bushnell V2 laser
  • 2 ball markers
  • 2 divot tools
  • 1 R9 wrench
  • TM weight kit with around 8-10 different weights
  • 63 Epoch tees of 2 different sizes
  • 1 booklet for free rounds at other courses my club owns
  • 1 Convertible rain jacket
  • Rain cover for bag
  • 2 Cohiba cigars w/ a cheap cutter
  • 2 drink Koozies for my beer
  • Little green sharpie to mark my balls
  • 21 TM TP Red shag balls I use for putting, short game practice/warm up

  • 2 Sleeves of TM Pentas, 2 Sleeves of ProV1x, 1 Sleeve of ProV1, 1 Sleeve of B-330S and B330-RX and e6, as well as 2 sleeves of Callaway IX.
Seems to be about it.. Bunch of old receipts and stuff, a little pocket change, a tag for the performance range area and a ball liner round out the crap hanging on the bag. Took out the last 6 rounds score cards and put in the GHIN, so they are in the trash now.

I carry way too much, but I'd rather have it, than not, and I'm on a cart or pushing it, so who cares.


There it is, just piled up.




Ho's from Rocky Mount, NC
Supporting Member
Jun 15, 2005
Without pictures this is very boring -_-

I am not unpacking all that $h!t out of my bag just so you can have a picture. There's no telling what all's in there now. I do know that just a couple of days ago someone asked for a pockert knife and I had one and then somebody else needed a bandaid and I had some of those too. :biglol:
Jun 24, 2006
About 8 Golf Balls - Z-Star
Handfull of white wood tees
2 Divot tools- US open with magnetic ball marker, and one from the Blue Monster
Wilson Rain Gloves
Regular Wilson Gloves
Club cover for the Rain
Loose Change tin
Roll on Sun block
Odyssey Poker chip ball marker
Regular Poker chip ball marker. I use this one -- Gift from a friend when I went away for training.

No pics-- Leave my gear at the course.

20 PAT's

Well-Known Member
Jun 21, 2009
Re: What's REALLY in my bag...

Jeezus! Do you carry all of that?? If so you are a better man then I... I have four ProV1's Fifteen assorted color tees, a staSof glove, a silver Sharpie, a ClubGlove towel and a tennis ball(?).


Well-Known Member
Nov 16, 2008
Re: What's REALLY in my bag...

Good lord some of you are pack rats. I walk and carry so I keep my bag as light as possible. You will normally find one sleve of premium balls, 4 beat up premium balls, a mix of good tees and broken tees, a sharpie, bug spray, a brush, a towel and a couple granola bars.

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