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Whats the closest you've came to a hole in one?.


Clubmaking Ho
Supporting Member
Apr 21, 2007
I've been playing this crazy game since 1971... hit so many inside of a foot or so that I lost count long ago.

I have actually hit two in the cup on the fly but they both popped out. :shocked:

One of them actually had a grey stripe all the way around the ball from going all the way around the rim of the cup. Had a bunch of witnesses for that one, they couldn't believe the ball came out.

Bama Duffer

Well-Known Member
Mar 14, 2005
I've hit many inside a couple of feet, one or two that actually hit inside a foot of the hole and ended up behind the hole, somehow missing the pin, but never hit one in.

I've seen two from playing partners, one of which was by a guy playing his second round ever.


Well-Known Member
Apr 23, 2009

135m Par 3 up hill. 9 iron high draw, bent around the flagstick and landed where u see it. The ball hopped out of the divot, and spun back about 4ft away. I've had others inside 3ft but this is the most spectacular of them all.


New Member
Jun 10, 2009
I never thought i'd see a shot like the one i hit this past saturday at a course in stone mountain, it was a short par 3, chose to try my 8 which I cant hit very well, but it was the right club. I hit it, prayed, and it came down, rolled, and stopped within 6 inches! I couldnt believe what just happened... putted in for a birdie

tried to get my GF excited about my experience but .... not as much shared enthusiasm :(

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