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Whats your carry gun?


"Playing it straight"
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Jan 8, 2009
Australia Australia
Nil. I live in a country with stringent gun laws and violent crime is relatively low.
William Tipton

William Tipton

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Apr 24, 2013
United States United States
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Nil. I live in a country with stringent gun laws and violent crime is relatively low.
Its a mix here in the states.
One place is really low crime and another is a war zone.
Oddly its the places with the strictest gun laws that seem to be some of the highest crime areas.
When I started carrying it was less about crime and more about biting ass dogs.
We've almost been bit by a Rott and a few pit bull type dogs (not sure if they were pure bred or not)...three within the last couple years. Two outside my own door and one when I went to check the mail.
My state doesnt fool around. If the dog isnt in its own private yard and in any way approaches you in an aggressive manner you are allowed to put it down. I have done my best to not have to do it and been successful so far, because I know its not the dogs fault that its owner is an irresponsible jerk. The one owner was actually watching her dog when it kept trying to come up on my wife and I growling and acting like it was going to bite us. I kept my face to it and my wife behind me while we worked our way to our car with my hand on my 357 just in case it decided to take the plunge.
I got the owner evicted the next day.

But I have had a burglary some years ago....been assaulted by a gang on the near west side of town, robbed at knife point on the short south east side, and nearly carjacked with my wife not too long ago just before I got my CHL.....so its not like there is no crime in this city that I need to be able to stop if it comes down to it.
Its just the reality in some places.
Where my wife lived up in NY state there was virtually no crime at all. I think I saw the report of ONE simple assault in the 4 years we lived there together.
I wish the whole USA was like that.


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Aug 13, 2006
Two questions:

1. William, what state are you in? I am in VT, near upstate NY and crime is minimal here. The big news lately was a hit and run, lady got hit by former city attorney.

2. Whats the deal with Hi Points? Is it like the clones of hand guns?

anonymous golfaholic

Refusing Recovery
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Feb 10, 2010
United States United States
Ya I heard once your neighbors reported the yetti had left tracks through their yard one night
I told him he could have some fun the next time he's playing golf by taking his spikes off and bare footing it through a few bunkers. Give it six months and some old codger will be on the National Geographic Channel telling how he and his foursome made the discovery of sasquatch tracks.


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Jan 12, 2013
Altus Oklahoma
United States United States
I also carry in my own home now because a few months back we had a heroin addict come beat the front door in. My wife was in the living room I was in the back. He started to throw her into the wall when I came out pistol at the ready and was about to send him to hell. Unfortunately I didn't have a good shot without risking my wife so he made it out of the front door leaving a trail of piss down his leg. His expression was almost comical, I hope that lesson keeps him from making that mistake again.

I can answer some what on hi point. Years ago they had a bad rap as making inferior guns, they had issues with the metal in the barrels where they would crack due to heat and on the rare but terrible occasion it would explode. They have come a long way from then and make quality weapons now, but some still think of them as inferior because of that period of bad luck. I see several models of them I wouldn't mind owning and probably will before long.

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