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Who wins the all-time greats foursome?

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Dec 20, 2006
and you of all people....

the kettle calls the pot black eh?

so what would be your grounds for banning us?

because we dont worship hogan? because we think athletes today are better than athletes from days gone by?


I feel that everyone on here should realize that HB and I have called no one names or said anything deragatory about anyone on here.

so if you want to ban people for having a difference of opinion then i guess you dont support freedom of speech or any of our other rights.

if you are going to ban anyone i think that you should start with the person calling people "BASTARDS", but hey I'm the guy that doesnt love hogan.

lennys here

Well-Known Member
Aug 15, 2007
I also recommend a 1 week ban for Lenny.

Ban the bastards for a week, and maybe they will have a little more respect in the future. :(
i see i dont have enough posts for name calling unlike snoopdog here.
if you want to ban me for being offended then have at it.
i will have to recommend your suspension as well for name calling, i did drop a name on someone but once warned i stopped,you on the other hand feel it your right to continue. im not biting.

tiger rules and hogan is gay....... period.
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