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Why 14 clubs??


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Sep 19, 2008
Sarnia, ON
Canada Canada
I won’t bother with trying to be accurate with dates and times, I’m just posting this more to start a general discussion and to bounce ideas off one another. Yes, I do realize this is dangerous! LOL

As mentioned in another thread, I played my first round of 2021 on Sunday. Didn’t play the best, but it was fun just being out there swinging clubs. Most notably, I did so carrying just 10 clubs. As you can see in my signature, my ‘normal’ set is comprised of the 14 club max, as I know most golfers sets are. But why?? It wasn’t until the 50’s or 60’s when a limit on clubs was even put in place. Hogan would carry 19 clubs or something crazy like that. Moe Norman had a car full of equipment!

The set I used on Sunday was comprised of a; D, 5w, 5, 7, 9, W, 52, 56, 60, P. I loaded up on short irons, perhaps for obvious reasons, the short game scores! Truthfully I could have played probably without one or two more clubs, but I did call on each and every single one I had. I also didn’t miss any of the clubs that I didn’t have. That’s probably the part that most surprised me. I was never in between clubs, it was pretty obvious when I looked at the yardage what club I was using. There are two shots in particular from the round that stick out in my mind, that further add to my question of why 14 clubs?? The 3rd hole was a tight drive par 4, I knew immediately driver was not the club, had my 3w been in the bag, I would’ve hit it. Knowing full well that club and I don’t get along the best... instead I hit a beautiful 5w landing just inside 150. The second was on the par 3 7th, had 144 to the hole, a full 8i all day long. But a full 8 carries a larger chance of error, for me at least. Instead I gripped down on my 7i took a much more controlled swing and flew the ball 144.5 yds just right of the hole. Chipped in for birdie from there! This game is hard enough as it is, I’m starting to think carrying less clubs makes it a little easier?!?!


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Apr 24, 2008
N. Texas
United States United States
That set sounds good, but personally, I’ll drop the 60, and add an 8i. My irons are close to traditional loft.. 7 is 34. I just like the 8.


"Don't count that."
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Sep 20, 2007
Phoenix, AZ
United States United States


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Dec 24, 2007
South Central Wisconsin
United States United States
I believe, and I've said it before, that most amateurs would be better off(score better) leaving all the woods at home and hitting a reduced iron set as well. I'm including myself in this.

I can hit my 5i 200y to within acceptable tolerance of my intended target line way more often than I can hit my driver 270 within acceptable tolerance. I would spend more time in the fairway and less time looking for lost balls. Most par 5 around me are < 500y and I don't think I've ever seen one >600y so my 5i should get me to all the par 5's in regulation if I do my part. So hitting the driver isn't really helping me score that much.

Having bigger steps between irons helps because there's less decision making. Stand on my 7 or hit a light 6? Now it's just the 5 is way too long so I'll hit my 7 and get close. I have less in my head during the swing and therefore tend to hit things more solidly which leads to better results most of the time.

I actually like having less wedges too. I feel like having 2 wedges that you are 100% comfortable with is better than having 4 that you are 50% comfortable with. Once you've 'mastered' one wedge, add another one and so on. Me picking between a 52 and a 54 is like an elephant picking between a 2" and a 4" paintbrush. Simply isn't going to matter in the end.

I've only done this once though. Why? Because it's a pain the ass. I have to remove the clubs in my bag...find a place for them that the kids won't screw with them, put them back in after the round, go through the 'where the hell did I leave my gap wedge' feeling at the course 7 times because I forgot that I left that one at home, and people look at me weird when I have 5 clubs in my bag...lol

So I just grab my clubs and go to the course to drink beer and have fun with my buddies. I'm never going to be good at golf and I kind of don't care. I'm there to have fun and I'm at the point where I don't have to score well to have fun.

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