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Why 14 clubs??



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Sep 19, 2008
Sarnia, ON
Canada Canada
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"At 38..." A strapping young lad like you should be able to lug a cart bag around on your shoulder!! Why, when I was your age I walked 36 holes/day, all uphill, carrying 17 clubs in a leather bag with 5 dozen balls!!! C'mon! You're half my age!! :>)

Essentials?? Snacks. Balls. Tees. If you play as early as we do, you're done before lunch time so why the snacks?? Balls? Shouldn't need more than two or three if you hit it straight!! Tees? Just bang the driver into the tee box and build a dirt mount you can set your ball on. Sheesh! Ain't yet figured out this younger generation!!! 😁 😁
LOL, unfortunately I cannot seem to find the double middle finger reaction anymore... Was that one phased out??

Yes, Limp at 38!! I’m not saying it can’t be done. I’m just not a fan of it. Sadly the majority of my ailments are self inflicted in one way or another. Couple old shoulder injuries are the main reason I don’t like to carry. I’d like to think I’m getting a little smarter with age, sorta?!?!

That’s why for one thing in my time at home, I've been trying to work out a little, following a couple golf related programs online and getting some regular walks in. The other is of course this notion I have of lightening up my set, to make room for more snacks!! Gotta have snacks Limp!

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