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Why do I play golf?


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Aug 31, 2010
Cape Town, South Africa
South Africa South Africa
Does the 'bear girl' s**t in the woods? :D Aren't those paws too big and clumsy for her to make change? If you could snap a picture of her driving the cart...…:D

I apologize! I've gotten so bad about typing too fast and posting before proofing. The English language can be so funny when one letter in a complete paragraph is a little off. No offense meant. Just couldn't pass us commenting about a "bear girl".:)

same as when the husband sends his wife a text: "i'm having a great time, wish you were her"?

Uncle Azzhole

Jack of all trades, azzhole in all of them...
Apr 30, 2018
Salem Oregon
United States United States
ROFL, It was late and I have been in so much pain.. I usually catch my spelling mistakes but that one is funny so I wont be changing it :p



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Feb 10, 2018
Charlotte, NC
United States United States
I play because I truly love the game. At age 70 it's the only sport where I can still compete. Also, one is outside in the fresh air. Clearly, it's helping me endure Covid. Fortunately, our course never closed. While I'm not nearly as good as I once was, I still have my moments. I actually had back to back rounds in the high 70s from our 6250 yard tees. I wasn't sure I could still accomplish that without moving up to our senior tees. I realize I'm playing the back nine of life but I plan to play on until I cannot physically do it anymore. It would be great to leave this world the same way as Bing Crosby. He finished an 18 hole round in Spain (where he won the bet) and died walking off the 18th green.


Sep 17, 2021
United States United States
For each hole/round I play, I would like to tell apart between goals and rewards."Play this hole to the simplest of your ability"-- that's would be a goal. there'll be another chance to succeed in that goal a hole/round from currently. And golf is a such fun sport . Enjoy it, it's not for taking pressure.