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Wie....just phenomenal..


dont tread on me
Dec 8, 2005
I may be old fashioned but school should still be more important. If she is pulling all A in difficult classes(not Basic Math, but at her age, Calculus and Trig)
(P.S. 700th Post)

WHY? Formal education is not knowledge. It is learning the ability to function within a system, i.e. the teacher tells you this will be on the test, you learn enough to provide what answers/information is needed to complete the test sucessfully. It (for the most part) does not teach one to think, in fact thinking can lead to you being labeled a troublemaker. School is geared to the lowest common denominator, not the exceptional.

Calculus and Trig?? other than the engineers like WBL(metalurgist?) and all I would doubt many here at shot talk have used either since high school. ( I use simple trig a fair share in construction, but more cause i like it than need it)

If you are going to be just another one of the masses (as most of us will be, hence making the mass) I will agree that diplomas will help put you higher up in the pack. But Wie has already defined herself as a standout, an exception ( hey, she is finishing last or close to it and still achieves the most attention(and $$).

George eastman - founder of kodak high school dropout

Dave thomas - wendy's high school dropout.

Henry ford - ford motor co. high school dropout.

Ray croc - mcdonalds high school dropout.

Nick Faldo high school dropout?? I think so

Ronald Reagan high school dropout.??

bill gates college dropout

james clark high school drop out - founder of netscape. he did go back to school and got his phd.

ted turner expelled from college

michael dell- Dell computers college dropout.

Steve jobs - apple computers dropped out of college after 1 semester.

I am not saying that a formal education is a bad idea for anyone. I am just saying that it is not essential, those that can and want to achieve will, and that those that want to really standout dont waste their time in the regime, they go out and do. computers are one of this era's major advancements. the top names in computers are all college dropouts, gates, jobs, clarke, ellison.

wie has as much need for high school right now as a blind man does for a big screen high def TV (except for needing the degree to appease the LPGA).


Well-Known Member
Jul 8, 2005
i didn't read all the responses before i posted.


she's obviously getting terrible career advice from her dad and whoever.

too bad for her. she's a good kid, it seems, and a great golfer. too bad she's steered into a crowd she cannot possibly tame.


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Jul 9, 2005
central Wisconsin
United States United States
Well, while I agree it's not essential to have a degree to function in a technical job it's about the only way to "get" the job in today's world!! Employers nowadays hire the people with the most impressive resume's and not necessarily the best people. Then when their customers look at who is working for them they can show all these mental giants' educational background.

A college degree gives you a "jump" on someone without one in a technical job. It doesn't mean that person has a higher IQ then you (as some employers think). Some with multiple degrees (I've worked with) could not apply any of it. They were helpless. If you've got half a brain you can learn a technical job and be just as productive at it as someone with a degree. Maybe even moreso. But you're going to have to get schooling in your profession in some way. Why not just go to college?

Of course, if you would be happier doing a job that doesn't require a degree, then you should do what you LIKE!! Hopefully the money will be sufficient to survive. Like playing professional golf or sports for a few years while stashing away your millions. I sure hope they realize how blessed they are!!


She lives!
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Jul 3, 2006

Well, I formulated a long argument, posted it, and thought about it. What I believe stays the same and I guess it all comes down to how we see things, as always.

Frankly it's not worth the energy of arguing, and I think I am mostly to blame for instigating it anyway. I am very disappointed in Wie and her choices, which is sad because at the beginning of this year I was really rooting for her. This has lead me to try and find reasons to re-assert my disappointment in her, and even if they do make sense, it isn't fair to take out my grudge on you guys.

So to summarize, I guess we shall just wait and see. I hope she turns out to be the next great golfer because she does have a lot of talent, and I'd love to see her start winning despite her recent choices.


Well-Known Member
Mar 20, 2005
I don't think they are her choices Jeff,I think they are being made by her advisers and quite probably they are heaviliy tied into sponsor obligations.

But she is playing exceptionally difficult golf courses.When she eventually plays off the girly tees,against the other girlies,she is gonna wipe them all off the planet,she will think its pitch and putt.


Well-Known Member
Sep 2, 2006
Can not lose

Wie can not win yet
can not lose.
Shoots as well as a good amatuer
man, that is.
If she cuts it then there she does
though we can see that the
misses doest not.
If the princess had balls
She'd just be a prince
with no name.
If she went boxing with men
hurt she'll be, but to
play golf no harm will be.
Brings crowds and sponcerships like no one,
mere price being exposure and gossip
from the likes of we.


Well-Known Member
Nov 26, 2005
i didn't read all the responses before i posted.


she's obviously getting terrible career advice from her dad and whoever.

too bad for her. she's a good kid, it seems, and a great golfer. too bad she's steered into a crowd she cannot possibly tame.


Her parents are the perpetrators of this crime!!

She's a gorgeous girl who has talent ... but that will be destroyed by money-grubbing parents every time! Seen it happen in many venues!