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Winter SUCKS


New Member
May 15, 2008
Over the last month or so, we have had some freakin rediculous cold weather. Last night and into today, we got about 4 inches or so of snow and sleet. What in the heck? I am sick and tired of cold, rainy and nasty weather. You guys up north, I have no clue how you can stand it. It just plain blows. I am ready for it to be 90* already. I have had it with winter. Can not hit the range, can not play any, and we have a 3 day trip to Myrtle Beach starting on Friday, and they are calling for it to be cold and rainy again. This sucks.
OK, my rant is through. I am in need of some warm(maybe even HOT) sunny weather.


Winter Sucks!
Supporting Member
Dec 29, 2008
Southeast Wisconsin
United States United States
we get through it by perpetually ranting to ourselves like you did here followed be promises to one's self that we will be moving down south as soon as we get a chance. I does suck. It REALLY sucks.


Golfer on hiatus.
Supporting Member
Jul 25, 2007
Madison, Wi
United States United States
Actually this winter so far has been really mild here in Madison, outside of that one big storm where we got hit with like 15" we have only had a couple other small storms. Nothing too cold either, few nights where it dropped below 0 but otherwise it's been decent. Shit most of the snow is melted already & i'm getting ready for some golf. Can't wait for the golf show in march, even though it will probably suck at least it's something golf related.


gear head
Aug 10, 2006
Canada Canada
a balmy -17* Celsius (1.4F) here at the moment. Was nearly twice as cold 3 days ago., so this is a mini heat wave.


Taylormade Ho' Magnet
May 29, 2008
I'm with you Bryguy.. I'm not used to all this rainy, sleet and cold wind.

I'm seriously ready for some hot ass temps, even.. I just want it to be 60* and dry.. Hell, even 40* and dry... I can deal with that just fine. I NEED to get outside and do something other than stand in the mud at the driving range.

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