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Worst job? How many jobs?

anonymous golfaholic

Refusing Recovery
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Feb 10, 2010
United States United States
Toughest job for me was working on the family farm as a kid. Both sides of my family are farmers. Picking up hay was probably the worst part. Spent a lot of time driving tractors. In high-school, I worked after school and on weekends as a diesel mechanic. In college, I started working for a coal mine. I operated equipment on the surface doing dirt work. I worked as a hunting guide for an ignorant jackass briefly. Then after college I started working for a trucking company. I spent a few years learning various aspects of the company. Now I'm an operations manager. I work in an office but I'm a blue collar guy.


Right Curving Driver....
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Dec 22, 2007
So... I can meet you somewhere, bring my own pocket knife, and have you fix my carpel tunnel issues?? I'd trade you a dozen ProV's!!:)

Sure! Takes 15 minutes on local anaesthetics but I'll need a hook with the pocket knife. A dozen Pro-Vs sounds fair for such


Active Member
Jun 17, 2013
New England
United States United States
In high school, I worked as a grocery clerk and a gas station attendant (way back when they actually had gas station attendants).
After high school, I worked in the computer industry as a repair technician for a number of years before getting in the golf business. I spent time as a cart attendant, assistant pro, and head pro before concentrating on teaching.
I left the PGA for perhaps my most difficult job...a stay at home dad raising my daughter :).
For the last couple of years, I've been learning to build websites and internet marketing.

Never really hated any of my jobs. One thing that really sucked about my first computer tech job:

I live in the northeast. I got this job out of school that was about a 45 minute drive straight down the highway. I started there at the beginning of Dec. I was young and had no money. I was driving some beat up old car that I had bought for about $100. About the middle of Jan., the car died. It was too expensive to get it fixed, and neither me nor my parents could afford to buy me another one at the time. So for the next month and a half, every morning, on his way to work, my father would drop me off at the on ramp to the highway, and I would "thumb" to work. The first few weeks really sucked standing out on the highway in the middle of the winter early in the morning freezing my a** off. After about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks, it got to the point that if I got to certain points by a certain time, I started getting picked up by the same people. Then at the end of the day, it was back out on the highway to go home.


Winter Sucks!
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Dec 29, 2008
Southeast Wisconsin
United States United States
Bus boy for 2 yrs @ family owned italian resteraunt.
General bitch @ Officemax for a couple of months.
Bagger, to stocker, to 3'rd shift manager @ grocery store.
Carpenter at too many places to list. Nature of the biz.

Worst was actually Officemax. Not because it was hard, but it was like they HATED me from day one. Don't know why they even hired me. Total dicks.

For almost two years or so I was driving about 85 miles one way down into Ill. as a carpenter and that took it's toll on my mindset, especially in winter. It took me FOUR HOURS to get home one time in a snow storm. I was so pissed. The trade off since i've been doing commercial in WI is that places don't keep hardly anyone as company guys, the hire as needed and lay off when not needed. I'm with a pretty good outfit now that actually sounds like if at all possible they want to keep me on so that's cool I guess.

I'll add to this conversation with a best job. I was building scaffolding on a job at the power plant in Oak Creek, WI for like 3 yrs. and that shit is cool. The people I worked for and all the people on the job were the best.


Jan 11, 2012
United States United States
Besides cutting grass when I was in Junior high, I worked for my Father as construction labor in Montgomery, AL up to about 10th grade when the recession shut the family business down and the parents divorced.

When I got out of high school I bugged out for a year back to Alaska, (parents had a early work history, brother was born there) where I caught up with Dad again and he hooked me up with some fat wages working general labor at commercial jobs across the state. I ended up on Kodiak and was itchin to go to college by then so the money I had not been spending on an island in the middle of friggin nowhere got sent to a unversity back in Alabama and I followed. Partied my ass off and fell in love and ran out of my savings so I went back North the following summer.

Construction wasnt hot so My brother and I borrowed Dads van to trek to the Yukon territory where my mom had married and settled in Watson Lake. Step Father was setting up a gold mining company (they all have gold fever in the Yukon) and I worked for him by helping around his tourist trap and being a diver running a suction dredge he was tweaking out toprove gold existed on some claims he had. We and all the gear went by helicoptor to the gold claim and spent the rest of that time sucking up the bottom of a gold bearing creek to get an assay history that he could take to the canadian stock market and capitalize some serious mining equipment.

So by then Im really done with the North and and missing this girl plus neglecting school so its back to Bama, and Auburn at Montgomery. This isnt where my sweetie is and Im going to school with an intent to get back to her up in Birmingham, so when this crazy uncle rolls in with a car that he had tinted the windows on I decided If he could do it I could too, and since I had a bud in high school whose dad had that same business I thought I could make a buck.

So I learned it and transfered schools back to Alabama at Birmingham. I was running mobile tinting at car dealerships when I got hit my senior year with a darkness control law on car windows, a recession and that first gulf storm war. The dealers dried up and I finally worked at my first retail shop. A year later another guy I knew offered me a ownership/partnership position to split the store rent with him. I started working on homes and commercial glass and it was pretty good. He retired a few years later and I have had that store ever since. I usually chase a few employees, 7-8 was the most before the Great Recession.

I bought some rental properties before the GR and remodeled them. Havent done much since the GR but might in 2014. The worst thing I have ever done is work for myself. I get all the problems, but after a while it seems normal

The sweetie ended up marrying a white guy who sold ethnic hair care products.

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