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Worst Magazine EVER!!!!


Well-Known Member
Feb 5, 2009
I got home today and received n the mail my copy of Golf Digest Magazine, November 2009.

I spent like two hours going over it, and finally had to give up: THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING INTERESTING IN THE MAG.

If your looking for two hours of entertainment from a golf magazine, then you have a different problem all together.


DB Member Extraordinaire
Supporting Member
Dec 24, 2007
South Central Wisconsin
United States United States
If your looking for two hours of entertainment from a golf magazine, then you have a different problem all together.

I'm going to have to agree completely with this guy...

Even when a magazine IS interesting....it takes me a half our at most before its in the trash and i am on to something else


"Playing it straight"
Supporting Member
Jan 8, 2009
Australia Australia
Is that even real?
..... Imagine the cost of launching a magazine when you know exactly what you are doing never mind a hobbyist with big dreams.

The costs have to be immense and the chance for failure about 99%.

Personally, it strikes me as a photoshop fantasy. ...

Sling, you hit the nail on the head -> a photoshop fantasy from a guy who should be in second hand car sales. Apparently it "will be officially coming out in 2010. This magazine is being done in limited quantities and will sell out quickly."

The quantities will be limited because there's only so much ink in his bubblejet printer. ROFLMAO


now...a cartoon
Sep 27, 2008
biannual is one word, where did the hyphen come from? and if you supposedly have the latest and greatest of everything on your website, why pay for print on dead trees?


Well-Known Member
Sep 26, 2006
I dont know why I have recieved this mag the last few months, but when I saw the title of this thread, I automatically thought of Golf Digest. I know all mags are just ads with a couple articles sprinkled in, but Golf Magazine is alot better than Golf Digest... neither are worth the money though, even when they are free.

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