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A few more sunset pictures YOU CAN SEE SCOTLAND!!!

The master

Oct 24, 2004
Just took these out of my bed room windwo as the sun is setting at 8.30 pm.

You can see scotland from the first one I live so far on the North East coast of Ireland on a clear day like today I can see Scotland with ease, and the views from my house are un fecking believable not to be modiest.

Here are a couple some are of belfast where I see all the panes land my house is directly on a palne pathway so they fly right over my house.

I think the fews is the main value in my house.

Enjoy. Feel free to enquire about any pictures.

First sun setting in belfast.


Look far in the distance if not as far form scotland as you think.



Mister Bater

Well-Known Member
Jan 13, 2005
"I think the fews is the main value in my house"

The 'fews' what is that boy? "my house" good heavens boy the house is not yuors it belongs to me and yuor muther well for a while anywey it may soon be reppossessed unless we find sum muney

And also when we lock yuo in yuor room we donot expect yuo to spend it taking pictures yoo ar suppossed to be praying for forgiveness for being a nasty and durty little boy your camra will be confuscated. aND you will be gieven a damned good thrashing. with no potatoes.

Finally to teech you sum economics having a house on a plane pathway is not a good selling point.

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